Seapunk Receives Coveted SF Chronicle Endorsement


Seapunk made a big splash (zing!) in the Chronicle recently.  Or at least on their 72-year-old website.  Either way, the city's biggest publication has deemed the burgeoning Tumblr 'movement' and the aspiring fashionistas of the Academy of Art that are embracing the trend worthy of their precious attention, further strengthening the argument that seapunk is, in fact, a “thing”:

Recently, Academy of Art University students from the School of Industrial Design and the School of Fashion worked in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to create unique designs using recycled materials. The resulting installation, “Sea Fashion Challenge,” was on display for the month of January at Atelier, at 79 New Montgomery.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium donated existing large scale banners to AAU and challenged students to create their own innovative designs with the repurposed materials. The 10 compelling design pieces now on display are also featured here on SFGate, where the public can vote on their favorite piece of work, with prizes to be awarded to the winning designs. [Read on]

Is this the high water mark—the point we see the wave of aquatic culture break and roll back?  We can only hope.

(Thanks for the heads up, Andrew!)

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