Valentine's Day

The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Hyper-Local Hottie Heaven

Just in time for everyone's favorite holiday to pretend isn't happening, Refinery 29 published The Ultimate Girl's Guide On Where (& How) To Score a Date In S.F., a “genius guide to dating that will help you ladies navigate the single scene depending on the type of suitor that tickles your fancy.”

For example, want to date a techie? Try this red hot love strategy:

Apple Bus Stop, Guerrero Street at 24th Street; Google Bus Stop, 24th Street at Valencia Street; Facebook Bus Stop, 18th Street and Church Street.
Tip: 8 to 10 a.m. are peak hours. Ask him what he’s listening to on his headphones. Once you have his attention, give a flirty smile.

While the slideshow is quite comprehensive, you can't call this the “ultimate” guide without including my favorite lovelorn demographic—the hyper-local Mission blogger. But don't you worry, Refinery 29, I'll take it from here…

If You're Hot For: Hyper-local Mission Bloggers
Prefer your fellas opinionated, myopically obsessive, and marginally employed? Snag yourself a citizen journalist! These communicative cuties are constantly scouring the streets for the latest intel — so hit the pavement and start making some news!

They Said:
“Being miserably single is a prerequiste of being a local blogger, apparently.”
– Kevin Montgomery, has a respectable day job, lives in the Mission.

“I am dating you.”
– @fakeallanhough, parody Twitter account.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Dolores Park Works Public Meetings, Dolores Park Church, 455 Dolores St (between 17th and 18th Streets)
Tip: Stand up at any point during the meeting and shout “This is an outrage!” He'll need to ask you your name to quote you, right?

Clarion Alley, between Mission and Valencia Streets and 17th and 18th Streets
Tip: See that hoodied hottie taking iPhone photos of the latest defaced mural? Sidle on up and coo “sometimes I do think tags are art!”

Valencia Street Bike Lane, Valencia Street (between 16th and 24th Streets)
Tip: Is that a hyper-local coin slot up ahead? Dayum, girl, better pedal faster! At the next light flirtatiously plot the destruction of the next valet blocking the lane.

American Tripps, various locations
Warning: For Allan Hough fetishists only

Four Barrel Coffee, 375 Valencia Street (between 14th and 15th Streets); 415-252-0800.
Tip: I don't even know that any hyper-local Mission bloggers actually go here, but it was on every other slide in this article, so why the hell not.
(Bonus Tip for Bros: Dudes, there are going to be so many single ladies in line at 4B after that article goes viral. Yoooou're welcome.)

[photo credits l-r: quonky, eviloars, visivo]

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Leave Your Heart on San Francisco

Leaving the snark, cynicism, and spraypaint aside for a moment, someone got hella creative for Valentine’s Day!  As Jefferson from Mission Bicycle tells us, one of the shops customer’s took his bike, a GPS app, and mapped a heart-shapped loop around San Francisco to create a Valentine for his long-distance girlfriend.  What’s more? He even braved the Marina to do it.  Dedication!

Mission Bike’s blog has more, including a brief blurb about the project from the rider, elevation profiles and the number calories burned.

(Thanks Jefferson!)

Dolores Park Already Spoken For

Remember the good ol' days when two swooning sweethearts would take a hunting knife and carve their love right into the trunk of tree?  Just two young lovers drunk off soda pop and methamphetamines putting their love before nature.  A beautiful act, really.

We can only hope that when the flame between this idealistic vandal and Sweet Miss Dolores Park burns out, they break up in a more traditional way.  Like writing SLUT in herbicide across Hipster Hill.

[Photo by Citizens of the World]

Heart-Shaped Balloon Kite Flies Over Dolores

Sure, this homemade balloon-kite was a nice way to remind us that it's actually Valentine's Day Weekend and not the middle of Summer, but the best part about it was that it was almost as fun to watch as shape-shifting clouds.  First it was a heart, then a pair of safety scissors (pictured).  Parralleling Dolores St, it looked like a giant hawk swooping in to kill us all.  But eventually it lost a few balloons in the in the upper-left making it a broken heart, at which point the person holding the string gave up and let it fly off into the Bay.