Thing That Valencia Street Totally Does Not Need Is Now Coming To Valencia Street!

This sign has been up for a while so it isn't exactly new “news,” but another Indian restaurant on Valencia, are you fucking kidding me? We already have Udupi Palace, Aslam's Roti, Dosa, Gajalee and Amber Dhara all within a 6 block stretch on Valencia. Not to mention Pakwan on 16th, Alhamra on 16th, and probably a whole lot more in other parts of the Mission that we're forgetting. 

To be fair, all these Indian restaurants boast a slightly different angle despite basically serving the same cuisine. Udupi is vegetarian. Dosa is a little higher end and Amber Dhara looks like some type of 1980's coke club so who knows whats up with that. Pakwan is actually Pakistani. From the looks of it, this new spot will be serving up Indian street food which is probably a bit different. But still, thats a lot of Indian joints in a fairly small area, right? Is the Mission turning in to Little Dehli? Or better yet, is the Mission turning into the Tenderloin?!

… and dont even get us started on the number of taquerias around here. 

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