Thing That Valencia Street Totally Does Not Need Is Now Coming To Valencia Street!

This sign has been up for a while so it isn't exactly new “news,” but another Indian restaurant on Valencia, are you fucking kidding me? We already have Udupi Palace, Aslam's Roti, Dosa, Gajalee and Amber Dhara all within a 6 block stretch on Valencia. Not to mention Pakwan on 16th, Alhamra on 16th, and probably a whole lot more in other parts of the Mission that we're forgetting. 

To be fair, all these Indian restaurants boast a slightly different angle despite basically serving the same cuisine. Udupi is vegetarian. Dosa is a little higher end and Amber Dhara looks like some type of 1980's coke club so who knows whats up with that. Pakwan is actually Pakistani. From the looks of it, this new spot will be serving up Indian street food which is probably a bit different. But still, thats a lot of Indian joints in a fairly small area, right? Is the Mission turning in to Little Dehli? Or better yet, is the Mission turning into the Tenderloin?!

… and dont even get us started on the number of taquerias around here. 

[PS: For lols, check out Curry Up Now's sexy, naughty menu of food that will definitely give you explosive diahrrea]

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The real offense here is the misuse of the word “street food.” Apparently these people aren’t entirely clear on the concept.

Might as well call Gary Danko a “food truck.”

give em a month to fully take in the curse of that restaurant space and before you know it they’ll be long gone. these new school attempts at yuppie indian are not going to last, unless they really ARE coke bars from the 80’s that is.

What does a 1980’s Coke Club look like?

Kokie’s booklyn?

Curry Up Now is incredibly delicious. It should put some of the other indian food places out of business, honestly. 4 words: Paneer Tikka Masala Burrito.

There are other neighborhoods that would be glad to trade a few of these indian places for a few thai places.

It should be a taco place or a coffee shop, we don’t have enough of those.

Dear Indian restaurant proprietors:
Please spread some of your business interests down 24th Street, east of SVN. Your absence there is sorely noted.

amber dhara is empty as hell all the time and that really freaks me out, but their food actually is really fucking good. dosa is also really awesome. you ever had their lamb curry? SO DOPE

i took an identical picture of the new Curry Up Now space the other night because i was excited as hell, and then sent it to a bunch of my friends who live in the Mission and who i knew would ALSO be excited about it. and they were!

all of this shitting-on-everything-new-that-comes-along gets really tiring. it makes me feel like i’m not able to be excited or happy about anything that’s coming to the Mission, which honestly makes me feel unwelcome in my own neighborhood.

You think this post is “shitting-on-everything-new-that-comes-along”? I think it’s simply noting that we have a surfeit of Indian restaurants. Not clear why that seems to hurt your feelings.

maybe because i’m indian…….. did you ever think of that

I don’t think you’re indian. Your social media profiles aren’t locked down enough to support such a statement sir.

Nor would it matter. Saying “there are too many Indian restaurants” is about a type of restaurant, not a type of person.

You are one pasty ass white boy.

Toughen up skippy. That was not even a light dusting of shit. It was more of a coals to newcastle thing.

The influx of apple engineers has made me feel unwelcome in my own neighborhood. But why does Amber Dhara need a 250 seat restaurant on Valencia. That’s totally out of scale. Keep that shit in Mountain View.

Hear, hear.

I, for one, welcome our new multicultural vegan burrito overlords.

Jesus that look shitty.

Whatever, Curry Up Now has been around for a while in the form of a food truck, and those tikka masala burritos are by far the best combination food I know about. I’ll take this over another fancy Italian restaurant or bar any day. Be grateful we have an abundance of the greatest cuisines of all.

The / a Curry Up Now truck sits across the street from my work downtown. When they first opened, there would be a line of 40 people waiting to get food there. I waited about a year until the line/ buzz died down and tried it. Its nasty, ass-blasting slop. Granted, I just had the indian food stuffed burrito, but here was my logic: burritos are delicious so even curried baby food will taste good. Also, it seems like the most popular item. Heres more logic: if stuffing a bunch of random/ ostensibly tasty food into a burrito made sense, it would have been done already. General Tao’s burrito, pizza burrito, etc. Actually, I will try those if I get the chance. But I am just glad that I didnt wait an hour behind some dude dressed as a pirate (hes the CEO of the video game company across the street) for this stuff. Its gross.