Oakland Duo Takes Limo to Dolores Park to Rap About Four Loko

This video has it all: dancing on park benches, facial expressions that capture the true taste of Four Loko, crowd surfing in a Shell gas station parking lot…

… and it even has Unchill AZN Bro flashing his whitie tighties:

Shit's gross as hell, but if you listen to the lyrics, there's some real gems in there.  A tatted white girl talking about putting people into a hearse.  Pronouncements that Four Loko never went away.  Real talk.

Give it a watch:

(Thanks Sally!)

Corporate Scraper Bikes All the Rage in Oakland

I have to say, this is a much finer-looking ride than that PBR fixie that was being sold on Craigslist a few weeks back.  Almost makes me want to drink boring sodas again.  Almost.

Anyway, this is part of a scraper bike series shot by Matthew Reamer.  Be sure to give the entire gallery a look.

[h/t Oakland Local Lite]