Oakland Duo Takes Limo to Dolores Park to Rap About Four Loko

This video has it all: dancing on park benches, facial expressions that capture the true taste of Four Loko, crowd surfing in a Shell gas station parking lot…

… and it even has Unchill AZN Bro flashing his whitie tighties:

Shit's gross as hell, but if you listen to the lyrics, there's some real gems in there.  A tatted white girl talking about putting people into a hearse.  Pronouncements that Four Loko never went away.  Real talk.

Give it a watch:

(Thanks Sally!)

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Why give these poseurs and their awful music attention?

Is oakland trying to ruin hip hop?

HOTTUB is a trio, not a duo. Their backing bad is a riot

They are also totally legit, opening for the Ting Tings, MIA, playing SXSW, etc

Don’t be a hater, enjoy the messy fun!

dopeness hotness

*barf* I can almost smell the Doritos and fourloko on their breath. Bloated alcoholics are depressing.

What trash. 35 year olds arrested in their adolescence. Guess you shouldn’t have went to China to teach, huh?

That girl is possibly smuggling two hams out of the store in her stockings at 1:14. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

So hard and from the street, yet they’d jump at a chance for a million-dollar-deal if it meant selling out to MTV. don’t buy the hype.

Your holier-than-thou response is yet another reason I believe the City’s emblem should be a person fellating themself. If you truly wanted an art scene you wouldn’t all clammer to the mission and drive up prices. Without people to invest in the city, what would there be? Get off it and get a job… and no, your blog doesn’t count.