It's Fernet INSIDE the ice cream

Finally, Fernet Flavored Ice Cream Comes to the Mission

Above is the Home Depot-inspired drink menu for Trick Dog, which happens to be a new bar in the Mission vying “to be a neighborhood place, what bars used to be” (whatever that means). And while that looks nice and all, the real highlight here is their booze/ice cream fusion desert they're serving each and every night until they kick you out.  Eater fills us in:

[Bartender Josh] Harris spearheads the “inventive” food menu, available until 2 a.m. nightly. It includes a Scotch egg wrapped in salt cod, Buttermilk-fried sweetbreads with peach-apricot sweet-and-sour sauce, and—this was bound to happen eventually—Fernet ice cream made with creme de menthe and toasted cacao nibs.

Your move, Bi-Rite.