Finally, Fernet Flavored Ice Cream Comes to the Mission

Above is the Home Depot-inspired drink menu for Trick Dog, which happens to be a new bar in the Mission vying “to be a neighborhood place, what bars used to be” (whatever that means). And while that looks nice and all, the real highlight here is their booze/ice cream fusion desert they're serving each and every night until they kick you out.  Eater fills us in:

[Bartender Josh] Harris spearheads the “inventive” food menu, available until 2 a.m. nightly. It includes a Scotch egg wrapped in salt cod, Buttermilk-fried sweetbreads with peach-apricot sweet-and-sour sauce, and—this was bound to happen eventually—Fernet ice cream made with creme de menthe and toasted cacao nibs.

Your move, Bi-Rite.


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so bars used to pantone menus?

Finally, a bar for graphic designers.


A dessert that tastes horrible and won’t get you drunk. I’ve been waiting too long for this.

Is it from Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous in the Dogpatch? They’ve been doing it for a while now.

Just walked by and thought I’d note that it doesn’t look like it’s a “new bar” quite yet. Still under construction.

Yeah, I walked by there on Friday and it looked remarkably not-open, but they claim they’re opening tonight.

Just rode by on my way home from work– the place is already packed. Good for them. It’s the latest offering from the same restaurant group ( that brought you Salumeria, Central Kitchen, and Flour + Water.

My grandmother’s sweaters always tasted more like ‘Early Times’ with a dash of RC cola, not Beefeater. Maybe, they could substitute it for me, though. That’d be pretty cool.

I’d expect a cease and desist from Pantone. Neighborhood bars don’t usually have drink menus.

“what bars used to be”….before they decided to be a pretentiously calculated versions of bars that currently exist in most other parts of SF

Nothing says “neighborhood place” like blood orange, pickle gelee, and Pampero Aniversario! Just like Dad used to drink!

If Salumeria is a Deli, then Trick Dog is a Bar.
It’s a lot like Rye in the Tenderloin, minus the smokers cage.