fuck da police (via smashing four barrel)

Protest Against "Racist Police Brutality" and Gentrification Scheduled Tomorrow

It's hard not to be mixed on this one.  On one hand, the video—which was originally published on SFist—of two motorcycle cops running a guy down and shoving his face in a 24th and Mission gutter gives me the chills, never mind raises a whole bunch of questions about police brutality and why SFPD refuses to discuss the matter publically.  Just watch:

But on the other, these protesters don't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to not breaking every window along Valencia Street.  And all the promotional materials for the event don't even pretend the discourage people from engaging in black bloc 'tactics'.  So it's hard to imagine digging out my best black bandana from my Container Storified closet and joining the mob.

Either way, board your windows! Charge your iPad! Pre-marinate your Israeli flag in gasoline! Livevine the shit out of everything!