LA-Based Anarchist-Feminist Group Posts Video of Valencia St. Riots

Attacking a cop car with a recycling bin.

Diners at Locanda.

A group called Anarcha-L.A. recently uploaded a video of the Mission May Day Riots titled “Ⓐ SCENES FROM A BLACK BLOC Ⓐ,” in which you can see hear the group do 99-percenty stuff like run a recycling bin into a cop car (which, admittedly, is kind of hilarious to watch, if only for the stupid/fail factor), blast Jay-Z rapping about material goods, steal chairs from restaurant patios, and smash business windows.  About 6 minutes into the video, you can see someone outside of Four Barrel chase off the vandals; he then follows them for a few minutes, getting threatened and cussed at by the rioters.  Eventually he tries to reason with them, saying they don't know who owns the vehicles and “if you want to smash a BMW, that's one thing.”  Then the clip cuts out.

While we've seen a lot of similar footage in the past, this is the first instance of a group taking responsibility (of sorts) for the riots.

From their YouTube profile:

Anarcha-LA is a group of anarchists, feminists, and non-gender conforming individuals. We work towards building an egalitarian world free of patriarchy, capitalism, and all forms oppression and hierarchy, through creative direct action, study groups, collaborative publications, and community outreach.

Fuckin' LA…

[via Mission Local]

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Someone needs to organize a field trip to smash up their neighborhood.

I knew it. This is LA’s fault

Did they hand make all of their clothes? Their shoes? Do they own a car? Do they buy shampoo, cleaning supplies, gasoline, food from a grocery store? If some of them were really from LA, how did they get here? Amtrak? United? Why don’t these people focus on the real problem? The banks! And I don’t mean the 22 year old trying to earn a living working as a teller at the local Chase branch. This is nothing more than a mob of spoiled and entitled hypocrites fucking up mom and pop businesses in one of the most unique neighborhoods in this country.

lets see these idiots do this on international blvd…………..nope….cowards…LA cowards

We have landlords asking $3k for 600 sq. ft. Suddenly I’m not so angry at these vandals any more.

They knew better than to do this in LA where people would actually stand up to them and the store owners all pack heat. Moderate SF liberals need to stop tolerating the far left’s bullshit and start treating them the same way we treat far right out-of-towners like Westboro.


You can fuck right off, too.

I wasn’t aware that smashing windows had a political affiliation.

Gringo in blazer and Vans at 3:29, LOL.

Well, we don’t need CCTV when we have Youtube!

their “creative direct action” needs a little more creativity.

guys it was agent provocateurs remember cause that one dude said they looked “military”, lol

fuck Oakland

What’s not to love? Feminism, anarchy, LA…sounds like the makings for a summer romantic-comedy box office hit! Jennifer Anniston(of course) playing the aloof, yet whimsical feminist. James Franco(why not?) playing the religious studies/political science drop out, now coffee barista anarchist…with the beautiful Hollywood Hills as the staging grounds backdrop. Forward it to SF and the Mission district…where the plans go awry, but Jen & James somehow, thru all the chaos, find true love.

the small pice of writing that accompanies this video (that was edited, selective shitfuckingup just showing the distruction on “rich” businesses) describes the actions as “99-percenty stuff like run a recycling bin into a cop car” - um, how does this have anything to do with the 99% movement? this is a group that does not affiliate with the 99% movement. and the 99% movement has done nothing but be in public spaces PEACEFULLY PROTESTING - watch that footage and then watch what labels you use. these are anarchist.

those little whiny brats come round my house i got a tit full of double-aught waiting to be implanted in their faces

Have any of you done anything stupid and then said “oh, shit, that was probably dumb”? These are people who cruising down the street throw a brick, no one says anything, and then they giggle. This is lighting off a firecracker when you were a kid type of behaviour. It’s shooting a bottlerocket, and then running type of stuff, except now, it is a rock through a window, or hitting a car that you’d actually love driving if you had the chance.

This is juvenile at its worst, and even the anarchy movement, which is really a joke, should actually say is stupid. If they want to destroy to make a point, go up to the Mint off Market, go to the Federal Building at Mid-Market, go onto the Presidio and burn some old Army buildings. Nah, that’s too hard, break a window at a furniture store on Valencia.

what absolutel douche bags! They dont even understand their own cause of anti-capitalism/wealthy, because if they did they would not have taken their message to the Mission and Small Business owners. Why did’t they do this in the Financial District or Union Square? And by the way….mission is their neighborhood? all these faux hipsters? The mission belongs to the Latino community…..