Intrepid Journalist Captures Hoodlum Cyclists BLAZING Through Harrison Street Stop Sign At Multiple MPH


Our all-time favorite TV journalist Stanley Roberts has turned his nanny cam back onto San Francisco's ever-increasing population of two-wheeled criminals.  But this time he's not waging war on the Wiggle; rather, taking a look at the the 3-way intersection at 18th and Harrison.  Witness:

Now, it might be worth pointing out that the offending bike lane and ghost rider in question doesn't actually cut through traffic, as they ride beside parked cars like it was any old stretch of road. (Might I add that it's incredibly common for motorists not to be required to stop in such cases either.)  But I suppose nuance and reason is irrelevant in the media's war on bikes.

BREAKING: Yamo Raises Their Prices

In the past two weeks, the stock market has plummeted, oil prices have skyrocketed, and a plate of food at Yamo began costing more than a super burrito.  I guess this day was inevitable.  I mean, being able to stuff your face with house noodles or curry tofu for a scant $5.25 couldn't last forever.  But I never envisioned their prices jumping up to six goddamn dollars a dish before Papalote would start charging suckers 10 smacks for a burrito.

Next thing you know, you'll be able call in an order to Yamo and they'll actually remember to make your food.  And what a horrible day that will be.