KRON's Stanley Roberts Sticks His Dick in a Beehive Again

Following Tuesday's controversial report on cyclists running stop signs on the Wiggle, KRON's “sleeping bear” Stanley Roberts returned to the scene of the shoddy journalism to instigate cyclists once again.  And, adorably, Stanley was somewhat surprised by reaction he got from the crowd.

Apparently, he wasn't all to pleased with the LASHING he got on Twitter and Uptown, so he went back to the Wiggle to get bent out of shape all over again.

Exhibit A.

After complaining about being labeled anti-bike (he is) and taking issue with people telling him to start picking on cars, he brushed off his detractors by saying, “What is this, the fifth grade? Why is everyone pick-in' on meee?

Now Stanley is showing the middle finger meanies who's boss with a renewed war on bikers: no more headphones or ear buds because they're unsafe (or maybe not)—“end of discussion.”  And this sleeping bear, woken up by the pokes of Wiggle riders behaving badly, is putting these hardened criminals on notice:

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His small penis is scared of bikes hence his inferiority complex. Also he works for KRON which is a sad shell of its former self

So, bicyclists are immune from criticism? I think not.

No, cyclists are not beyond criticism (although my criticisms are usually based around bike snobbery and personal pettiness). The issue here is Stanley is just lazy–hammering on cyclists because C.W. Nevius said obeying stop signs was a real problem. 30 pound bikes just don’t carry the same deadly weight of cars, and it’s a ridiculous law to enforce. But instead of discussing the merits of the law or SFPD’s recent enforcement of them, he just antagonizes riders until he gets the “jerk biker” reaction he was looking for.

A good, related read:…

Your argument that 30 pound bikes do not carry the same deadly weight of cars is a bit wrong. I do recall two recent accidents where a pedestrian was hit by a cyclist and he pedestrian died. I am a cyclist and I admit to not stopping at all intersections but it is the law to do so. Many of my fellow cyclists are arrogant and believe they should be given special access to the roads. Stanley is not anti-bike, he’s anti-breaking the law. By your argument of him being anti-bike, then he is also anti-car, anti-homeless, anti-illegial dumping, anti-graffiti, etc.

Two fatalities is an irrelevant statistic - according to a 2010 Chronicle article, “More than 800 people are hit by cars in San Francisco each year, making it one of the most dangerous cities in the state - and possibly the country - for pedestrians.” How many pedestrians are hit by skateboarders? Scooters? Motrorcycles? People playing frisbee?

The problem with Stanley’s stories is that they are incredibly one-sided and don’t offer any perspective. Even worse, they offer no suggestions for change or improvement. It’s senssationalized useless whining.

30 lbs? Is this assuming the rider weighs nothing? Bikers act like assholes at times. Obey the law.

We weigh allot less then those who haul themselves around in petrolatum powered death machines all the whilst eating cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

you forgot smoking and killing kittens…get a clue

Now that is one glorious headline right there. A+.

please keep ticketing them.. k thanx..

A driver with the windows rolled up is way more dangerous than a cyclist with ear buds. I’m not saying ear buds are a great idea, but if we’re going to talk about unsafe streets let’s talk about the thing that actually make them unsafe.

Yeah, because if somebody else is doing something wrong. That means I am doing nothing wrong.

I want to know who put the green runway strips in the wiggle, was that city sponsored?

It pisses me off to no end that this is what TV and law enforcement is focusing on.

Hey sleeping bear, why don’t you go take a walk on market or 6th after 9pm and then try to tell me with a straight face that bikers are a real problem in this city.

But then he’d actually have to do some work, instead of picking on the easy targets. And the thugs there would relieve him of his wallet in no time.

Noooo I knew it! That’s me at 0:25! Worst part is that I actually did stop at the sign because I saw him filming and had just seen the previous video!

OK, cyclists: time to roll up your sleeves and take some action. We need to put a proposal on the ballot which makes a Stop sign the same as a Yield sign for bicyclists (Montana, of all places, has such a rule). Problem solved. We just need ~7000 signatures to codify this.

I ride my bike sometimes, and if I were to have to stop at every Stop sign, I’d rather just take the car.

And Montana’s largest city has ⅛th the population of San Francisco. I love how bikers keep citing these laws that work in less densely populated areas. Traffic laws are designed to keep everyone moving SAFELY. We have too many people to have everyone just blowing through stopsigns when they like motoroized or man-powered. It’s not safe.

I thought bikers were supposed to be less lazy. If you want to be treated like a vehicle and have access to the road then act like it and follow the law. I live on the wiggle and I’m sick of getting dive bombed by riders that feel exempt from following traffic rules designed to keep everyone safe.

Hear, hear. Well said.

fuck this fat nerd. Probably was a hall monitor in junior high & calls the cops when his neighbors throw a party.

What I find fascinating is that his employer, KRON 4, allows him - nay pays him to indulge a personal grievance. “Game on”? “Welcome to the world of People Behaving Badly”? This is not journalism, this is a grudge against people who said things about him that he didn’t like. He chides his detractors with “What is this fifth grade?” When in fact, he’s just picking on people on a larger scale. Apparently his “irony bone” is buried beneath those several layers of fat.

He doesn’t need a TV platform…someone get this guy a blog.

Keep in mind, this guy works for KRON. That’s “Last in local ratings” KRON. -A station that can’t afford to keep their weather-girl talent. -A station that makes interns read the traffic report.

Is it any surprise they let a mental patient roam around with a camera trying to antagonize people to drum up viewers? It’s gotta work better than any of their prime-time infomercials, right?

At least now we have something to distract us from the spike in violent crime that they’re not reporting on.

Kevin…maybe Roberts is overdoing this story, yes, but as someone who walks everywhere I go, I can just say I have been nearly run down by bikes speeding on sidewalks and through intersections, more times than cars. Just happened yesterday as the matter of fact…a biker speeding down the sidewalk on 9th street. So, it’s illegal for bikers to ride on sidewalks, ignore stop signs, and wear dual earbuds, but you seem to have a rationalization for the latter two? Are you saying bikers live by a different set of traffic laws than pedestrians and cars? I am glad people bike and walk, rather than drive, but I cannot tell you the number of times bikers enter crosswalks, blocking those who are walking, or more egregiously, speed down sidewalks. Can you really defend either of those or say you think the traffic rules are different for bicyclists just because their vehicles are 30 lbs?

I always walk, never had a near miss from cyclists (don’t see many bikers, is HA still around?) but man oh man watch out for those fuckin’ strollers. Those muffin topped crazies will run right over you pushing their 50 lbs 7 year old.

bikes are in fact neither cars nor pedestrians, so yeah they should probably be held to different rules.

That being said, wear your helmet and stay off the sidewalk, people.

Ok, I’m new to biking in the city. I stop at stoplights and never listen to music while riding. However, the number of drivers who pull out in rot of me, as they are looking directly at me is amazing. Parking in the bike lane forcing me to pull into traffic. If I ride through a stop sign it because I have such a great field of vision on my bike, I know I’m not going to hit anything or anyone. I also have no intention of taking on a car. Bike vs. car.. Bike never wins. This guy got paid to do this story? Go find some serious news. Watching the video I saw people looking into the intersection, paying attention, I saw nothing reckless. What’s this guys next story? Crossing against the light? Not walking between the lines of the crosswalk?

The news is just another show.

I’ve been hit by cyclists twice, albeit at slow speeds because they started to brake, but what I learned to do was look both ways even if a signal says it’s okay. Much the same as when I ride my bike through the wiggle or anywhere.

Stanley’s shows are funny. I don’t see him as a serious threat to cycling in the city. game on. He’s just having a giggle.

I think we have to be careful as cyclists about complaining too much. However, handing out $380 tickets for rolling stop signs is just wrong and counter productive. Where’s that petition …

The guy can’t come up with any new story ideas, so he beats the dead horse.

I agree with other commenters, it’s time to revise the traffic code in SF. IMO the real issue is that many cyclists ride UNPREDICTABLY because there is no consistency in terms of what a cyclist will do at an intersection. Most stop for red lights, some do not. Most at least slow down at stop signs, very few stop, and some blow right through them at full speed. Car/Truck/Bus drivers and pedestrians have no idea how to predict what a cyclist will do, which makes the situation very dangerous for everyone. I commute by bike daily and am one of those nerds who stops at stop signs – drivers usually look at me like I’m crazy.

The only thing this story accomplished was adding fire to the expanding divide between bikers and drivers.

Stanley’s just jealous cause its been 48 years since hes been able to ride a bike.

Wait, what? I thought it was given that bikers were universally annoying douchebags, except to their fellow bikers. Has that changed?

KRON’s Stanley Roberts Sticks His Dick in a Beehive Again”

Except nothing happens. Nothing but a bunch of hipsters high-fiving each other and padding themselves on the back saying “yeah… we showed him”.

People throw around “hipster” the same way the Fox News crowd throws around the word “liberal.” In both instances its usually a bad generalization and at the core is just a convenient target to make them feel better about their own shortcomings.

I know that many cyclists are upset with Stanley Roberts over these 2 segments, but I’m not. I understand his angst about bicycles. It’s gotta be so very difficult to pedal a bike after loosing your foot to Diabetes.

Look, I’m not calling Stanley Roberts fat… no wait, yes I am. Have you seen that man? He’s HUGE! KRON4 is only keeping him around so George Rask can feel better about himself. that, and to clean up at night after everyone’s gone home. And when I say “clean up” I mean “eat the rest of the donuts in the break room.”

But we can’t blame Stanley Roberts or his obvious weight problem; he’s an emotional eater. And with KRON4’s rating dropping faster than Stanley Roberts running to an all-you-can-eat buffet line, he’s probably polishing off an entire carton of ice cream every night before he goes to sleep in his car.


I also would have accepted, “Stanley’s so fat, on the inside of all his clothes it says, ‘One Size Fits Guam’.”

Hafa adai!

Oh snap! I purposely don’t comment here because this whole debate gets my blood boiling, but this made me LOL. Thanks for the Guahan chuckle. :-)


I love this comment. A complete personal attack and nothing to do with the matter at hand.

ad hominem much?

The terrorists have won.

This is Great!! Love seeing people getting bent out of shade for breaking the law. Children… PLEASE!!! GROW UP.

Haha! U mad bike bros? What a fucking a joke.

I am not sure how asking people to obey the law is considered ridiculous. I don’t have a car or a bike, so I am not really on either side, but I have seen many close calls where bikers have sailed through stop signs and were almost taken out by cars who didn’t see them. When drivers are out at a stop sign, they wait for their turn and go, if a cyclist doesn’t stop there is no way to promise a car won’t miss them coming and then I think we can all agree the results are tragic. The war between cars and cyclists has gotten beyond ridiculous. Both groups seem to refuse to share the road. We all have to get around people, let’s stop pointing fingers and which group is worse and just follow the rules of the road and be courteous to one another.

” I don’t have a car or a bike, so I am not really on either side”
Ever jaywalk?

Equal use of the road comes with equally obeying the laws of the road.

I run through the shit, I got a ticket. I would like to maintain momentum. These people that are running stop signs (in the video) typically are doing it at an empty intersection (yes there are people who don’t look, they need to be more safe). You can see the people looking, every time. I would suggest, yes. If it’s clear go for it. Expect the cars to stop, if you feel like you can make it. Don’t do it when there are cars or cross traffic.

The people that complain the most about cyclists don’t even ride. I want to see this reporter ride for a month straight in the city and see how his opinion changes. Eat your own dog food Stanley Roberts. Don’t tell me how to live, if you don’t ride all the time.

“The people that complain the most about cyclists don’t even ride. I want to see this reporter ride for a month straight in the city and see how his opinion changes. Eat your own dog food Stanley Roberts. Don’t tell me how to live, if you don’t ride all the time.” -O.K.,as a lifecyclist,one who rides and works on my bike over 100 miles a week for the last 12 years,who bikes to Big Sur in the summers for vacation,who has only taken the muni 4 times ,and who is more pro bike, anti car then anyone else I know, I have to say that with the ever increasing number of cyclist out here that it only makes sense to stop at signs,use hand signals and be nice. Starting to realize that people that don’t stop are just lazy,or not very great riders. For people who wanna call Stanley fat, Grow up,i’m pretty fat and old and can still outbike 95% of the people out here. People run all the stop signs on the wiggle,then still get caught at the lights on market or scott and have to be passed all over again. Also,whats with these newer riders manners? There are laws,and then there are unwriten rules,like respect the lineup. If you come to a stop light/sign and there are cyclist in front of u,don’t go to the front of the line,wait ur turn and pass on the left after the group has started to move……in other words,if u are being passed by the same bikes,light after light,maybe u should stay to the right and just accept ur place in the lineup. cheers

Well said. You are an experienced rider and understand the written and unwritten laws/rules/etiquette of piloting a bicycle.
The only problem I see is that you are the minority amongst riders.
Other so called bicycle riders please follow this mans lead.


Just obey the law as we drivers do! SIMPLE! And if you run “the shit”, well you’ll get a ticket!

Good to hear that you admit that there are cyclists that do not look, but straight up, really…expect the cars to stop. WOW! There are laws for a reason and bicyclists are not exempt from these rules!!! I will never hit anyone willingly but I can not always stop because a cyclists “expects” me too. Wrong thinking dude, you seem bound for an accident someday with that attitude. I ride, I drive but never do I think my life or someone elses life should be taken so lightly while on the road just to maintain momentum. Stop the poor pitiful me act and own up to the fact that you willingly ignoring the law! Also, if you can’t obey simple laws on the road, what other laws are you breaking? It seems to me that you can’t be trusted and that is a bigger problem in itself. Good luck with your momentum!

Bikes have different traffic rules than cars, and should have more different rules for them.

Bicycles for example, they are not allowed on 280.

Bikes ought to be allowed to go through stops signs when it is safe and above 15 mph is preemptively not safe.

In order I: Drive, Walk, Muni, Bike.

Ah, NO! Really, you sound so simple minded. If you can’t obey the law, you can’t be trusted PERIOD. Laws are to prevent accidents. I ride, drive, walk, bus too, so what. I will repeat this again, my life, your life, is not worth losing. If you break the law, you pay the price. Keep EVERYONE safe on the road and obey all the rules of the road no matter what you are driving!

I’ve seen bikes not stop for obviously pregnant women two times
In the last two days and seen many near misses. These bikers overestimate their
skill and awareness and I don’t see how it’s that much of a hassle
to stop at a well travelled intersection. Lazy entitled
douche peddlers you are.

Was this a statistical abnormality. I suspect so.

I’ve almost hit two bicyclists while driving in SF because at a four way intersection they both plowed through a stop signs without stopping. I don’t own a bike, but I have no problem with bikers in the city; however, if you don’t follow traffic laws you can’t complain when i accidently hit you because he pulled into an intersection illegally.

As someone stated before in the thread, cars should respect the road with bikers, which in turn means bikers should follow traffic laws.

Seems like a statistically outlier driving experience that you had. Or maybe there was another cause for the two near misses.

David: Yup. Just common sense, really.

stanely roberts’ actions do not reflect those of a person who believes in god. there is so much judgement, laziness and instant gratification it’s disgusting.

Well Stanley has a point to all of you who choose to run red lights. What happens if you ever get struck by a car (and if you survive) you gonna cry how you weren’t doing anything wrong? Stanley has a point, he says he pisses all of you off.

Did laugh at the title of this commentary LoL.

Oh was Googling something else that’s how I found *this* site….

This was aired again 1.2.2014.

It’s the law. Simple. Obey it or get ticketed!

So which is it. Do you want to be A. Treated like pedestrians OR B. Respected like cars?

One or the other.


Wow, you seem angry, dude.

What is wrong with the bicyclist? OBEY THE LAWS PERIOD!!! I ride a bike and I drive a car, but I obey ALL the rules of the road. The bicyclists seem to be pissed but continue to put all drivers on the road in jeopardy. If the bicyclists break the law riding their bikes, how many other laws do they break elsewhere? It seems to me that a person who can’t obey the laws on a bicycle can’t obey the laws period. The laws pertaining to the road are important and should not be laughed off. If the bicyclist can’t wrap their head around this fact then they should be fined!!! I would be weary of the employees that bike to work in SF. I understand not ALL the bicyclists are like this but the majority in the city are rude and unsafe and making everyone else look bad by their behavior. Grow up people!

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