Bottoms Up

Merry Christmas from 23rd and Bartlett!

(And here's a bonus, not upside down tree just up the street:)

Christmas Comes Early This Year: Free Magic Mushrooms in Magical Park

Stumped on a stocking stuffer for the Hallucinogenic Harriet in your life? Look no further then our very own Golden Gate Park, where you can scoop up Psilocybe allenii specimens for free and the cops can't do shit (except arrest you for possession).

More details from the SFBG:
“If you go to Golden Gate Park in December you will see hundreds of hippies looking at the wood chip landscaping for Psilocybe cyanescens and Psilocybe allenii.”
In other words, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Bay Area. Check out the mushroom-hunting event tomorrow and don't miss out on these once-yearly deals!

Holiday Leftovers

Thanks to this biblical rain storm, I'm having trouble shedding the holiday spirit.  And judging by the amount of decorations still up, it appears the rest of the city is in the same boat.  Either that or people just don't want to get wet taking the decorations down.  Anyways, this mariachi hat-wearing Rudolph could still be found hanging on a doorway at Albion and 16th as of yesterday, much to the psychedelic delight of stoned 20-somethings.

Oakland's ZooLights is Girl Talk For Children

Reader Neb sends us his take on Oakland Zoo's holiday light show:

Dating a girl who lives outside the Mission has its perks, such as having access to a car and getting driven places.  However, this past weekend we were a little too optimistic and ventured to the Oakland Zoo for the ZooLights Holiday Light Show, after saving a whopping four bucks off the $7.50 tickets from Groupon.

On a Saturday night, we were the only 20-somethings by 10+/- years and were surrounded by long lines of double-wide strollers. After a romantic couple’s photo on Santa’s lap for $5, we decided to warm our hearts and hands with hot chocolates. The scalding hot beverages didn't include straws or lids making for an exciting situation with kids running all around in the dark. Having done the loop around the park admiring outlines of giraffes, crocodiles, and tigers in holiday lights, it was on to the famed Lightshow.

Watch the bootleg clip for yourself, but the plot was basically a Girl Talk show for kids with flashing candy cane and animal lights.  PROTIP: go high.