Christmas Comes Early This Year: Free Magic Mushrooms in Magical Park

Stumped on a stocking stuffer for the Hallucinogenic Harriet in your life? Look no further then our very own Golden Gate Park, where you can scoop up Psilocybe allenii specimens for free and the cops can't do shit (except arrest you for possession).

More details from the SFBG:
“If you go to Golden Gate Park in December you will see hundreds of hippies looking at the wood chip landscaping for Psilocybe cyanescens and Psilocybe allenii.”
In other words, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Bay Area. Check out the mushroom-hunting event tomorrow and don't miss out on these once-yearly deals!

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This post is heavy, man.

This is an incredibly stupid and irresponsible article. Mushroom poisoning is a genuine risk and 100% of the time is caused by people hand picking mushrooms in hopes of them being rare, but in fact they are very often horribly, fatally poisonous.

Sssssssssssssssh, let Darwinism take it’s toll.

Can you point to where this post offers “irresponsible” advice? It seems like you’re referring to something that exists only in your head.

Anyone who goes out and eats wild mushrooms based on the advice of a blog post deserves what they get.

the horror!

Also, I don’t know that flashbacks to shit tnighs being done to a highschool kid in the nineties are out of place- I attend highschool in 2010, and am familiar with or friends of people who’ve had the crap kicked out of them, been shoved into lockers, or had their head shoved down the toilet for appearing to be effeminate.By-the-bye, John, what did you think of Glee? I’m a bit ashamed to say I have become addicted. Only because of the songs.