Are jorts still permissible any day of the week?

Heat Wave Spurs Spontaneous Mission Jortting

I have no idea what the pile of bananas and other Dolores Park refuse has to do with this scene, but the past week's summer heat wave has left full-lengthed panted folks dismembering their jeans with unidentified cutlery, apparently.

(Also, is it too soon to start a city-wide conversation about the need for pant disposal receptacles on every block?)

New Park Rules Prank Rules

…but what if you have an even number of piercings and the kid you bring has an odd number of piercings? Does the kid count as “something to throw”? Please clarify. 

Also, real hipsters don't have any peircings and they resent you making that ignorant generalization. Clarissa explained to me that once.

(via SFist)