JORTS: On Demand!

HEY KIDS! Guess what you won't be doing this weekend? That's right, going to Dolores Park!  In case you haven't noticed that it's raining outside because you've been hunkered down in your roommate's walk in closet for the last week clawing at the walls and coming down from last weekend's blocaine binge (BRO, THAT SHIT WAS TOTALLY METH'D OUT. NOT COOL.) I'm here to deliver the painful reminder.

On top of that, I'm here to rub in how amazingly glorious the two weekends prior were. In fact it was so nice out that cultural barriers were broken and new levels of Dolores Park fashion were achieved. I present to you, Jorts: ON DEMAND.

Not wanting to waste any material, the excess denim was then distributed and refashioned into headbands.

Denim chokers: the hot item for Spring 2k11?

Comments (10)

Damn, that girl is TONED.

that girl has some beautiful robert crumb gams…

I like how one of the crew says “I totally want to see this on Uptown.”

The people making commentary on the video sound like the biggest douche bags.

totes. totes douchy

Using totes is douchy.

And it’s douchie.

I liked the booty shorts and black boots that walked through…

I agree with Amber.

Why does it take him so long to start and to cut the other pant leg?! What the fuck is he doing?