Yes, I agree, that outfit is as terrible as this blog. I can't believe this many people (myself included) actually come read the random diarrhetic bullshit that comes out of this lame ass, negative nancy hipster fuck who can't write for shit anyways. Go back to montana or wherever you are from.

Anonymous Tool

A few months ago I somehow ended up on the 7x7 site and there was a link to a wedding that was the worst thing I've ever seen. The theme was atrocious, the outfits were heinous, and as a guest it would have been horrible, I can't imagine the PTSD a member of the bridal party may still be experiencing.

Pretty sure I'm not the demographic for 7x7 anyway, since I'm a born native and don't need outside input on my hometown. Their founders are from Detroit, but at least they aren't as full of themselves as the uptown almanac people.

VandalSquirrel, Greek Chat Forums

God that site is irritating.


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Dear S.F.,

Please get over yourself. You are not unique and special, you’re self-absorbed.



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