Is Obstructing the Valencia St. Bike Lane the Latest Trend in Mission Fashion?

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Man those hips and thighs will door you worse than the X5 behind her.

fashionist is a disgrace to fashion.


Wow this is a really mean post. Way to get all sexist over the web, really original.
I understand criticizing the silliness of having a fashion shoot in the bike lane on Valencia,
but why are you guys criticizing her body?

I was *not* criticizing anything about the girl or her fashion.

well your headline with no text clearly states otherwise. Nice move…….


ok captain good times. it’s called a sense of humor.

people that have their pic taken for internet-wide PUBLICATION should expect anonymous, sometimes critical feedback.

especially if they have a fupa.

Women are constantly be scrutinized for their beauty and weight, and I really thought this site was better than that. Clearly you (Kevin M.) have no respect for women and the people who read your blog.

It’s simple: this post includes a picture. Also: some commenters have commented on what is either FUPA or an unfortunate ray of light not accounted for by the photographer. Both of these are your fault. Try having a conscience next time, gynophobe!

In not so many words, Kevin has basically suggested this is John Goodman’s daughter. SHAME ON YOU.

She’s not even completely blocking the bike lane idiot

I fucking haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate fashion blogs. That being said, there’s little more annoying than peeps in the bike lane. Except maybe cars in the bike lane, with bikes at a close third.

you stick a skinny person in the bike line = obstructing the bike lane. ANYTHING in the bike line that is not a person on a bike = obstruction. heidi klum, andre the giant (or dehydrated corpse of andre the giant), gavin newsom….all would be an obstruction of the natural flow of a bike line and its general purpose. that being said, god kevin you must hate real women with curves so I’m going to go eat my feelings and obstruct jogging paths….mainly because I will be eating my feelings in them and not because I am saucily displaying my shorts with one hip popped.

dang. i cant get over the hatorade. dude. its just a little fun picture. that took up 2 seconds of the bike lane. monica is a rad lady and i agree with stu. people are not so nice. boo.

I think people are confused, you don’t blame KevMo for gynophobia, you blame him for glorifying graffiti……

I on the other hand hate the whole outfit, especially the shorts and the brown boots with black stockings….

Yes, I agree, that outfit is as terrible as this blog. I can’t believe this many people (myself included) actually come read the random diarrhetic bullshit that comes out of this lame ass, negative nancy hipster fuck who can’t write for shit anyways. Go back to montana or wherever you are from

Monica has her own style, and the confidence to pull it off. Shouldn’t we be celebrating little triumphs like this, rather than tearing her down?