Cheap Beer Taste Test Reveals Mission Hipsters Don't Know Their Cheap Beers, Identifies PBR as the Worst

From the OH THAT'S RICH department: I rolled to a “cheap beer taste test” Friday night.

We are going to have a blind taste test of cheap beers tonight. I bet out of 10 that nobody can identify more than 3. DRESS TO IMPRESS.


  1. Of the 15 or so people duking it out, most people couldn't identify any of the beers (I personally got zero).
  2. The winner could only successfully name 4 out of 12.
  3. This gang of Mission kids found it easiest to identify Budweiser and Coors Light.
  4. No one could ID Bud Light, MGD, Miller Lite, and King Cobra.
  5. Cup #3 was crowned the best.  It was Olympia.
  6. Everyone was disgusted by cup #5 and insisted it was King Cobra or Busch.  It was PBR.

Loko 4 Dat Loko

Gwop Gang of Cleveland rapping about 4Loko obviously. Jane maybe interested in a sponsorship deal if 4loko is kicking dollars around. It's kind of sad that the legacy of St Ides has been reduced to 4loko and Icing, although that strawberry kiwi shit sucked, yeah I rocked it, I was 15 fuck it and it was cheaper than Schlitz.

(via Nation Of Thizzlam)