The Kids Are Alright

The She's Optimistic Take on SF's Changing Music Scene

The Bay Bridged recently ran a great profile on The She’s, the 19-year-old pop rockers who’ve been playing in SF since 7th grade.  The whole piece is a compelling read, but their take on the whole “Is the SF music scene dying?” conversation is a particularly refreshing change of pace:

The She’s approach the shifting scenes in San Francisco with such a level-headed cool that it makes me wonder how anyone could question the fact that the music scene is alive. For all the talk of locals and transplants, New San Francisco versus Old San Francisco, here are four artists, born and raised right here in the city, who understand its dynamic nature and see nothing less than opportunity.

Hannah continues, “Maybe certain figures are leaving right now, but that just gives room for more. Part of being a figure of the San Francisco music scene is inspiring people like us. That’s how we were inspired.”

“It’s like passing the torch in a way,” Eva agrees. “I don’t really think of it as abandoning San Francisco as much as giving space for the new headliner, the new ‘San Francisco Band.’ Like this is the San Francisco music scene. It used to be like five names that were listed off every time, and they’re all great bands and they’re still great bands, but it needs a fresh breath of air.”

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