A Pod to Piss In

pPod: Open-Air Urinal/Masturbation Station Soon to be Accepting Fluids in Dolores Park

As we reported last Spring, the City has been long hoping to install a European-style pissoir in Dolores Park to save the Muni tracks from their weekly processed Tecate washdown.  And, now, they’re becoming a reality. Via the Chronicle:

First came the iPod - now comes the pPod, a custom-made, open-air urinal that San Francisco is installing at Dolores Park to help deal with the hordes of male hipster inebriants that descend on the popular Mission spot on weekends.

Essentially, says Recreation and Park Department project manager Jake Gilchrist, “we are talking about a screen and a drain” that can get the potty job done using “a much simpler design.”

That’s right, degenerate hipsters! Now you can ‘go public’ without having the police bust your bladder.

At a cost of $15,000, the celery stick (you be the peanut butter) will be installed in the coming months near the 20th and Church Muni stop.  For the time being, we’re only getting one, so we imagine this won’t have much impact on the lines. Alas, potty progress?

[SF Chron]

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Definitely no shortage of 20 something males in this city

This is probably why they no longer use Port-a-Potties:

Crime Beat
Report from Mission Station

Theft from Person, Dolores Park public restroom, 10-18-08, 3:05 p.m.: While patrolling the Red Bull Soapbox Race held near Dolores Park, several officers responded to a report of a man stuck in a port-a-potty. When they arrived, the officers knocked on the door, and a man yelled through the closed door that it was jammed One of the officers used his baton to pry open the door which quickly swung open, exposing a man without any pants on. “Where are your pants?” the officer asked. “They got stolen.” The man said. He went on to explain he had entered the port-a-potty with another man about two hours earlier, and the two had engaged in consensual sex. After their encounter, he said, his new acquaintance stole his pants, wallet, and backpack and then fled out of the john in an unknown direction.

Was the man’s name Tyrone Biggums?

Bad application of a funny sketch. A for effort though.

I don’t get the “only getting one” thing. Why just one? Or why not one big one that can accomodate like 6 or 8 at a time?

These pissoirs are great. There should be one at the top of all Bart escalators.

I’ll never forget pissing in one of these things directly in front of a busy train station in Brussels during rush hour.  Talk about stage fright.  Then again, I hadn’t been drinking high life in the sun for 4 hours…

Not much help for women, whose lines are usually at least three times longer. 

someone is taking the piss?

More tech monopoly silliness.  This city has lost its soul.

^^^ That must have been made in jest, no?

Clearly adding a bathroom to a public park means the city has lost its soul - its a pretty standard A-to-B relationship.

Finally!!! These are a life saver for a beer drinker! I saw these in Copenhagen. SF needs to adopt less-Puritanical policies like this. 5 Stars.

Does nothing to prevent the problems I’ve had peeing on the MUNI tracks at Dolores Park, which is creepy dudes leering and taking pictures of women peeing on the tracks, especially during the dyke march…

Also, is that thing at the MUNI stop at the corner of the park? Is that really necessary? How bout not putting it in a place where people will be forced to stand awkwardly next to someone peeing…