Police Officer Shot at 26th and Florida

Details are light as this is breaking, but a uniformed police officer was shot around 3pm on Florida Street between 25th and 26th. The officer, 23, had recently joined the police force [update: we have since learned the officer is 28 and has been on the force for six years]. What prompted the shooting is currently unknown, but a rumor is circulating that it was following a car chase on 101.

There were 6 or 7 shots fired according to a neighbor, and the officer was struck in the shoulder.  The officer was seen “bleeding out” and “someone was looking for a belt to tourinquet him.”

The suspect fled the scene in a gray Mustang.  We will update as we learn more.

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That’s explains it. Saw 3 cop cars blazing down Steiner by Duboce Park; hell bent on getting somewhere. Have to say, despite the urgency; they were travelling way too fast for that section of street.

I was driving south on Steiner when they blazed through the area. 

Cop shoots cop is what it’s looking like now. Not just once a great name for a band but the reality of a bad situation getting very little media play.