Absolutely No Donkey Punches

Donkey Rides, Other Potential Drunken Disasters at Rock Bar's 2 Year Anniversary Party

At Rock Bar’s first birthday party last year, the bar had this sullen-looking donkey shipped in from outside of Yosemite for partygoers’ amusement.  For round two tonight, they apparently have two donkeys—one for pure animal-selfie pleasure, and another for rides down the block.  What’s more?

We got a guy recording the Prince concert tonight to be played tomorrow nite LIVE on the INTERNET at Rock Bar.

Yes, they dispatched someone to last night’s Prince show just for tonight’s celebration.  Along with fried chicken and cocktail deals, things are looking weird in La Lengua tonight.  Starts at 6pm!

Comments (8)

So sad to see these poor animals being abused for the entertainment of Rock Bar’s patrons. 

When I heard donkey show I expected something else.

I love a donkey!

I want to give that donkey a hug.

FYI: the donkey’s name is Jeremy. TOTALLY NOT KIDDING. At least, if it’s the same one as last year.

To bad, they can’t see how abusive that is, to have donkeys for drunk riders to abuse.  This is totally lame and inhumane.

I hope that donkey bites the rider.

Use = Abuse

The Donkeys Josh and Jeremey seemed pretty chill. Their owners/caretakers/pimps kept a good eye on them and didn’t let anyone mess with ‘em.