Uptown Almanac's Seanukkah Comedy Special Lights Up Tuesday!

Just in time for the holidays, Uptown Almanac's Locally-Sourced Pop-Up Comedy Night returns to the Roxie Theatre on Tuesday for Seanukkah!

We're cramming eight nights of laughter into one great show, featuring our headliner, Emily Heller (“Conan,” “John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show”). And thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon, your $7 ticket also gets you plenty of free beer. Some said we only have beer to last for one comic, but our product rep Judah Maccabee assures us it will last for at least eight comedians.

Along with Ms. Heller, we've got local stars:

  • Andrew Holmgren
  • Alison Stevenson
  • Joe Gorman
  • Matt Lieb
  • Kelly Anneken
  • And special guest Chris Fairbanks! (“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Comedy Central's Premium Blend,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Comedy Central's Reality Bites Back”)

The evening's festivities will be hosted by Sean Keane, so come expecting fun, excitement, ample popcorn, and a lot of comedians wearing holiday sweaters and headbands from Sean's mom's closet.

The show starts at 9pm, with door and beers opening at 8:45. And, of course, you can buy advanced tickets online.

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Genetically Modified (GMO) beer is not really beer
Gmo corn syrup and gmo corn are in PBR

Pabst’s official statement….
Pabst Blue Ribbon says their corn syrup was “special” and “made of carbohydrates and some simple sugars like dextrose and maltose. The sugars are fermented into alcohol and CO2, and the carbohydrates, both from the corn syrup and the malt, remain in the beers as flavor, color and body components.”

Thanks pabst !

boo! you are no fun at all.
seriously, not being a wet blanket should top your resolution list for next year.

I doubt you’ll find many non-GMO beers outside of Rainbow Grocery. Certainly not in a freebie bin at a comedy show.

Some local non GMO beers that are pretty easy to find :

Anchor steam
Sierra Nevada
Bison brewery (Berkeley)
Butte creek
Eel river

Not local non gmo beers :

New Belgium
Oskar blues
Amstel lite
Brooklyn brewery
Sam smiths
Full sail
All German beers and pretty much any European beer since gmo’s are banned in Europe

It’s still beer, just cheap beer. Actually it’s free!