Jorts is a Real Word, Says Oxford Dictionary

Don't ask.

Jorts, the official thigh covering of Dolores Park, Mission dive bars, cyclists, 1970s rollerbladers, and DIY fashionistas, has finally been upgraded to a real word.  Along with super dope and buzzable youth slang such as “derp,” “fauxhawk,” “selfie,” “twerk,” “street food,” and “buzzworthy,” “jorts” has finally been accepted into the Oxford Dictionaries's exclusive club of 600,000+ words.  Here's how they define it:

jorts, pl. n.: denim shorts


Here's how they use it in a sentence:

turn all your jeans into jorts

Fantastic advice.

(And in case you were wondering just how to turn all your jeans into jorts, some greasy gentleman gave everyone in Dolores Park a lesson in just that.)

[via Quartz] (Thanks, Ben!)

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Well kinda. There is a difference between the online dictionary and the actual OED. So while I have little doubt those words may eventually make it, they are not at present in.

>turn all your jeans into jorts

If I can’t convince one of my friends’ bands to use this as their next album title, I’m going to die trying

We just called them cut-offs. Jorts sounds like some kind of euro crap. Like Mentos.