The Modern San Franciscan

The “Most San Francisco Photo Ever Taken” that was passed around a few weeks ago was certainly good—featuring a glasshole with Silicon Valley hubris eating his face like a vampire squid and two human unicorn/discoballs trotting past in the background.  However, this specimen documented by Olu Johnson might be one better: not only is this photo not questionably staged for explicit internet consumption, the subject appears prepared to ask Siri the very question that is on his shirt (if only he were able).

Was it warm enough for this modern San Franciscan to shed his hoodie? Only Siri knows.

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This poor Genius Bar employee who forgot to bring a non-work train shirt and uses an Android phone.

So, not only does this person have to deal with working a retail job in the Bay Area, but now some snarky ass shitbags make mock him?

Class act.

Apologize, but I avoid the Apple Store at all costs and assumed it was a stupid fashion choice, not a glorified Best Buy uniform.

Well, maybe you should think before publicly mocking someone. It’s called compassion. Try it sometime.

Better to mock first, think later.