And Here's a Robot Workin' It For 20% Off

I'm yet to figure out if Betabrand is a clothing store or a party pad that hasn't gotten around to hanging three greek letters above their doors.  Regardless, the hands down highlight of this weekend's Sunday Streets was watching a robot party on a runway for a discount on socks.

[via @robotdanceparty]

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Why would a robot need clothes, though?

Wait until the robot sees how much those socks cost even after the discount.

Am I the only one who thinks Sunday Streets is a total snoozefest?

No, but most people think Sunday Streets is better than how those Streets are used the other 363 days of the year.

Probably, yeah. Cuz the rest of us think Sunday Streets are fucking awesome.

I might like it if people over 17 didn’t ride their bikes through the crowds. But like with most things that might annoy me I just avoid it.

The socks come with insurance. That’s rad. $11 bucks ain’t so bad