Dancing Robot Has Better Dolores Park DJ Judgment Than Most Humans

When I first saw this Beat Robot, I feared he'd be yet another burnout blasting weird electropop dubstep skrill ex-girlfriend stuff.  Wrong!  Not only does he have a sterling finish, but this robot is programmed to listen to Cake! Fuck! I haven't listened to Fashion Nugget in forever.  I think I still have a tape of that pleasantly stupid album somewhere…

Anyway, this rad rockin' robot is both Twitter and Geocities-equiped, should you want to follow this young robot's journey through San Francisco.

Now, your Moment of Zen:

[Photo by Athlex]

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Have no fear, alternative captain America is here!

holy shit, i want that photo blown up to poster size and hung in my bedroom.

The robot is planning to return to Dolores Park tomorrow afternoon. Come join the party and bring your friends!