The Man Who Won Carnaval

There was a whole bunch of good stuff at this year's “Harlem Shake”-themed Carnaval, including a blow-up sabre-tooth tiger covered in some sort of bacteria and the usual colorful array of dancers, but, yeah, this guy's necklace took the cake.

[Photo by The Tens]

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Superb image.

Pablo Sandoval!

Why do you let Mission Mission reFlog all of your posts? Your content is way better and their ‘headlines’ suck compared to yours; this being a case in point. Also, Alan H will edit a poster’s message so as not to offend one of the bros he’s hyping. Weak.

What am I supposed to do? Break his knee-caps?

In all honestly, almost everyone in this profitless world of blogging pilfers the same sources for content. The Tens has been one of the most prominent and prolific tumblrs/photographers in the city for years, and it’s not at all uncommon for multiple blogs to get the same story/pic coincidentally.