This Year's Carnaval Theme: "Harlem Shake"

In 15 seconds, 200 white people in banana suits dancing like they're at a Limp Bizkit concert will suddenly appear.

After all the hoorah about Carnaval's troubles a couple months back, I decided to poke around their website to see how the festival was holding up.  This is what I found:

This year’s theme is Carnaval Harlem Shake, with 8 city blocks in San Francisco’s Mission District bursting with music, dance, and exotic food from the many countries that celebrate Carnaval.

I was really pulling for a Grumpy Cat theme.  What a let down.

[Photo by Der Dunn]

Comments (5)

Were the rights to Gangnam Style too expensive?

They better not leave trash laying around or London Breed is gonna cancel that shit!!

Good one. but help me to remember, Mission Street over to Harrison goes with what supervisor.?

Note to self, be as far away from the Mission as possible when this is going on.

Please clean up your shit. Thank you.