SFC Podcast EP02: The Web of Lies

Sierra and Sam are easily Uptown Almanac's least favorite contributors, so you're looking for another reason to loathe Sam or Sierra, look no further.

In this episode of SFC, the two best friends share their tale of devotion, deceit, and the pains of being a young renter in San Francisco. Through their incriminating tale, both kids are exposed as the no-good, lying sacks of shit that they are. Enjoy!

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Show Credits:

  • Daniel Jarvis (Producer, Editor)
  • Sierra Frost (Story, Music Curation)
  • Sam Bartos (Story, Lies)
  • Marie McIntosh (Story)

Comments (11)

More of this please. This is much better than most storytelling on NPR.

Thanks Zach! Much appreciated. Hoping to release EP03 much quicker than EP02 was.

Any credits for that outro music?

In The Corners By Francisco The Man is the song that opens and closes the show.


Love this, but the music just gets in the way of the thoroughly entertaining story! Less music, more story!


How about a 30s TL;DL version at the top of the program?

So you think stepping on all of the reveals and whole point of storytelling for the sake of someone who doesn’t get the format is the way to go eh?