Hippie's Bite Worse Than Dog's Bark

KRON's resident voice actor and all around wonderful human hater Stanley Roberts received his inevitable assault this week.  However, it wasn't from his vilified rabble-rousing Wiggle cyclists, but instead from a crusty pair of dreaded Telegraph Ave. gutterpunks.

After they harassed him for a few minutes during the filming of one of his beloved and helium-pitched “People Behaving Badly” segments, one of them attacked him from behind. From the Oakland Tribune:

“I never saw it coming,” he said.

When the first man attacked, Roberts said he turned around, grabbed him by the throat and pushed him up against a wall, telling him to not touch him before he let him go. Roberts then said he tried to walk away but that the men followed him and attacked again.

Sleeping Bear” Stanley Roberts then woke up from hibernation and fought back, but the resulting brawl left $6,000 in equipment broken, his press pass stolen, and his back sprained.  The condition of the dog is not known at this time.

And, of course, this isn't the first time a subject of his creepshot journalism lashed out at the noted vlogger, as old school fans will recall this rather brilliant verbal assault from 2011:

(Thanks Patrick and Amanda for the tips!)

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On the one hand, Stanley Roberts does seem like an asshole. On the other hand, dude doesn’t deserve to be assaulted. And on the third hand, fuck hippies.

Fuck you and your fuck hippies attitude

Alternate headline: DREAD Locked

I hope Berkeley PD is mobilizing to shut down the city to get this monster off the streets ASAP.

Good. Eat shit Stanley Roberts. You’re Journalism is about as hard hitting as a conspiracy theory facebook fanpage.


He’s a good man.

Totally agree,!
If by “good man” you mean “soulless bottom feeding fuck who exploits peoples hatred for one another and their sick need to judge fellow humans”.
Neat guy!

When two decrepit pieces of human garbage fight, what side does a sane person pick? I agree Stanley is “soulless bottom feeding fuck who exploits peoples hatred for one another and their sick need to judge fellow humans”, but those animal abusing, trust fund, fake hippie assholes are some of the worst people on the planet. Frankly, were all losers in this situation.