Bender's Is Hosting A Monthly Cheese Club And This Is Very Exciting News


Queso here's the deal: Bender's is now hosting a Stinky Cheese Club on the third Tuesday of every month (tonight! 5pm!) because Bender's is a magical place staffed by beautiful geniuses who were put on this earth to make us happy. Here are the details from the Facebook invite

The Cheese Stands Alone!

Every 3rd Tuesday join Tuula and Mikey for the monthly meeting of the STINKY CHEESE CLUB.

Come down, bring some cheese (or crackers, meats, pickles, etc…) and get a free can of PBR or Well Drink, and enjoy the spread…

There you have it! Come provolone or bring a friend, but be sure to pitch in your favorite wedge. Either way its guaranteed to brie a grate evening. 

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guaranteed to brie a grate evening.

Is it havarti to camembert up with such gouda puns?

How deliciously bourgeois!


So it’s BYOC?

If we bring in awesome stinky cheeses, will they use them to make their fucking amazing grilled mac & cheese sandwiches with them? Because if so, I am so, so down.

I wish just one day you’d wear a name tag when you were out and about in the hood so we’d know who you were. And we could punch you in the face.

Why so angry Judy? Do you need a hug?

What time would one show up to such a cheese party? Is this a happy hour sort of affair?