Walmart in the Mission?

Last month, we learned that Fresh & Easy, facing profitability issues, wouldn't be filling the supermarket void Delano's closing left in the Mission.  Reports at the time were light on the details as to who might buy the location, but, according to Monday's Chronicle, speculation is now mounting that Walmart could take over:

“The strategic review of the business has just started; there are no time frames or predetermined outcomes,” said [Fresh & Easy] spokesman Brendan Wonnacott. As of now, “it's business as usual for all our stores” - except for the unopened ones, like the 16,200-square-foot store at the long-vacant Delano's site on South Van Ness Avenue in the Mission.

Tesco has hired New York M&A specialists Greenhill to shop Fresh & Easy assets around, and Walmart, which is looking to open as many as 115 smaller-format “neighborhood markets” nationwide in 2013, has been mentioned as a prime candidate.

“We can't comment on any rumors or speculation, but we're always looking for opportunities to serve customers better,” said Walmart spokeswoman Delia Garcia. “We do think there is a need for affordable fresh food in the Bay Area.”

The report also mentions Berkeley-based Grocery Outlet as being interested.

The idea of Walmart moving into the neighborhood seems impossible, especially given San Francisco's hostile reputation towards such corporations. However, given the relaxed attitude towards megaretailers within the Lee/Newsom administrations, it seems doubtful there would be any downtown opposition towards such a move.


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Why not just change the name of San Francisco to Freemont?

What’s wrong with having a neighborhood version of Walmart here?
Besides it not being cool, that is.

Besides the fact that it’s an evil company with terrrible business practices that treats its employees and supply chain horribly?

Their business practices are so bad they get THREE “r”s.

Man, I really hope the Grocery Outlet gets the space. I’ve been pulling for them all along.


They couldn’t open an American Apparel in the Mission. Don’t think this is going to happen.

They couldn’t open an American Apparel on Valencia. Doubt they would have had any issue if they’d opened on another street.

After canvassing the Mission and seeing so many license plates from North & South Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Texas, Indiana, and Missouri, Walmart figures it’s only logical to give the area a down home feel.

Me, too. Noticing them license plates a lot lately.

I think it should be a Hot Topic.

Well, if walmart moves in, at least it means the yuppies haven’t won. The working class families of the mission would probably love a walmart in the hood.

Exactly. All this moaning and groaning about Walmart is really petty.

Yeah, F walmart! They totally put DeLano’s out of business!


Way to miss the point! It’s almost like you did it on purpose!


Kev: Hear, hear, well said. Walmart is an evil, evil company.

Visit yuppie spawning grounds and you’ll take back that statement.

or maybe a hot topic-themed bar

I wish they would put a Berkeley Bowl Wester there.

Mini Walmart will never happen.


Trader Joe’s please

You know there’s one at 9th and Bryant, right? That’s almost the Mission, right there.

That’s the tiniest TJ ‘s ever with a tiny and shared parking lot. So +1 on TJs!!!!

I thought we had a shit ton of those already,small mini Walmarts.. I think we call them Walgreens or some shit.

Better get my resume in order than for that sweet, sweet highly coveted Door Greeter position. Wish me luck, dudes!

Walmart is just a less cool Target.

At least the new SOMA Target is supplementing the cost of parking at the big Mission street garage for anyone and everyone using it. What used to cost $12.00 for 2 hours when you’re parked there to see a money is now $3.00. So I have to hand it to Target. I’ve changed my opinions on them now that they have new leadership that is no longer anti-gay and does’t support Right Wing Wackos.

Whatever it is, there’d better be a Chase ATM inside.

I bet they sell PBR for $6 bucks a case. So shut the fuck up, hipsters.

This is a terrible idea. We don’t need to have a company like Walmart coming in and decimating the local economy of the mission. The negative effects when these low price retailers come into an area are devastating. We need to promote local businesses, not the polar opposite. We want the money to stay in our community, not given to a corporate entity which is no doubt getting ridicules tax breaks. It is a lose lose proposition.

The Polar Opposites is my new band name.

This is a better idea than when I learned that actually taking the condom out of the package(instead of just using rubber bands to keep the packaged condom secured around my dingalinga) would serve a much better use to me. Thanks Walmart…’re like the cheap, everyday low cost, asian sweatshop best friend I never had.

How about a ginormous internet cafe?

Google bus depot?

i would much rather have a walmart than a vacant lot and boarded-up target for shitty graffiti

Happily, enough of us disagree with you that that almost certainly won’t happen.

Don’t worry, the Emperor/Darth Vader/and myself are devising a plan as we speak to bring a Walmart in. The Mission will soon be ours for the taking! BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA

Yours Truly and Sincerely,
The DarkSide :)

f-u walmart the economy is built on crappy retail jobs that we cant loose

There is zero chance that any Walmart-owned store could open in the Mission. People would burn it down.

But sadly, Walmart and/or Tesco can afford to keep paying rent on this property for decades and they will.. Just like Real Foods on 24th in Noe.

People should squat this store and start a people’s grocery of their own. Tree could do the produce.

Also, Walmart would bring down the future value of the neighborhood real estate.