Then they came for the nudes…

I warned of the slippery, oiled-up slope we were on back in April. Now the city's verdict is clear: your genitals must be shamefully concealed from sight as G-d intended.

Put them away and think of the children for once!

Nudist's last stand, San Francisco 2012


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We live in a city ruled by Stalinists. It makes me sad that there is so much good among the private world but the public, governmental is dreadfully bad.

I want to see the author nude please.

No no, don’t think of the children. That’ll just get you into more trouble.

5 and under can still be naked thanks to this kid’s stand against tyranny

I like how the author did not write god. LoL. Anyway on a serious note,use the right before you lose the right,ban prob gonna go into effect feb 1st.