Then they came for the nudes…

I warned of the slippery, oiled-up slope we were on back in April. Now the city's verdict is clear: your genitals must be shamefully concealed from sight as G-d intended.

Put them away and think of the children for once!

Nudist's last stand, San Francisco 2012


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We live in a city ruled by Stalinists. It makes me sad that there is so much good among the private world but the public, governmental is dreadfully bad.

Yeah, the comparison to Stalin is especially apt given the millions of people the BoS killed last year.

Since Stalinists did more than the one thing you know about, you should probably calm your tits.

Don’t forget the network of Gulags the supervisors send all dissidents to, either.

“Stalinism is commonly used in a negative or pejorative manner due to the known extremely repressive political actions undertaken by Stalin.”

Sounds like your heroic efforts to bring the users of reckless comparisons to justice are far from over.

I want to see the author nude please.

Ok - but first he has to remove that Olivia Newton John sweatband. Chances are if he’s wearing the sweatband, he has matching leg-warmers on too.

No no, don’t think of the children. That’ll just get you into more trouble.

5 and under can still be naked thanks to this kid’s stand against tyranny

I like how the author did not write god. LoL. Anyway on a serious note,use the right before you lose the right,ban prob gonna go into effect feb 1st.

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