Passive-Aggressive Bowel Movements

Because leaving cutesy sarcastic love notes under the windshield wiper of cars blocking your driveway is played out, one 17th Street combination car/dog owner is getting innovative: dumping a translucent blue bag full of crap under the wiper to ferment in the hot summer sun.

(Thanks Amanda?)

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Lame; smear the crap on the door handles and drive the message home (pun intended).

I guess you need the shitbaggery tag? Really, there is a whole class of people in town who are more versed in the arts of shit handling/bagging/wrapping than I ever imagined there would be.

Also a big yay out to those who toss variously packaged/sourced turds into the bike lanes.

Would you rather I dump it in your garbage bin?? Everyone gets touchy about that too.

Damn…can’t win for pooing.

Thats amazing. i have barley ever seen any dog owner pick up or use bags…are you sure this was in SF?

I always pick up my dog’s poop and it amazes me how many people I encounter who think they’re above such a thing. (I’ve even tried neighborly offering my own poo bags but have heard every excuse from “it’s not MY dog, I’m just walking it” to “Ew, gross!”) Hey, I get it- we have PEOPLE shitting right on the sidewalk…but does that mean we just let the streets run brown with feces?

Also, funny about the trash bin comment- in this particular case the van was parked right next to someone’s trash bin, so the poop-leaver definitely didn’t need to be THAT much of a dick. I couldn’t even tell what warranted the errant shit bag so I removed it and threw it in the trash bin myself.

But it looks like a big bag of gooey hash?

That bag better be biodegradable.

Totally.. I almost took a picture of a car with a Bartos story on the windshield…

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