Nerds Gone Wild: The Day San Francisco Died

On Monday, November 5th at 10pm, Bravo TV will murder the last remaining scraps of San Francisco's economic engine's dignity.  No, really:

Although the show is called “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley”, much of it was filmed right here in SOMA and the Mission (update: and The Shore House was in Upper Castro)!  Not only is there a hot scene filmed at Mission Cliffs, we're told the Toga Party was filmed near 26th and Guerrero.  The apartment's tenant, who understandably wishes to remain anonymous, tells us his “friend from college” called him up the day of the party and asked if he could “bring his camera crew.”  The guests then proceeded to found a pop-up bed sheet-sharing service and 'disrupt' the market for red Solo cups (via going blue cup).

Anyway, the trailer is full of typical brogrammer arrogance and braggadocio that has come to define the tech industry.  With gems like “I'd say I'm living paycheck to paycheck, but I don't have a paycheck!” followed by “If you're not aiming for something a billion dollars or higher, why waste your time?”, mixed in with the typical “I never thought I'd ever get here!” (because you didn't think you could afford the rent?) flare, this show is destine to make our Mondays even more depressing than they already are.

Update: Since some people are questioning our “insider knowledge” about the party, we verified that the party's host is, at least, Facebook friends with Toga-wearing Silicon Valley “star” Dwight Crow.  We also spoke with mutual friends of the host that vouched for him.

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Kill me now.

The Mission is better than ever!!(BTE) See you at Mission Bowling Club brah!!

Seriously, we know Silicon Valley has a “hard on” for Hollywood but these people are trying WAAAAAAAY too hard.

Hilarious - reminds me of the stereotypes projected during the 90s dotcom era. A few of these kids will do very well, but most will just work insanely long hours at glorified office jobs. Pass the popcorn…

hey bro. sorry, but some people aspire to do more than author some shitty blog.

So what does that make people that go around and troll blogs in their free time?

Bro. Bro. Bro.

All this “insider” info is completely inaccurate. The location and coming-about of the toga party, the sheet-sharing service (wtf, you’re being facetious, right?). How silly. I know what happened, I was at said party. None of this information is true.

Are you saying R—- is lying? We purposely obscured his address by one block (at his request) and, yes, the sheet-sharing service was sarcastic.

But do fill us in! What’d we miss? Any cool collaborative consumption/share economy start-ups founded?

You’re admitting you were there?

It’s cute that you act shocked or dismayed by this show being shot in your lil’ hood there. News flash: San Francisco is filled with tech people. Deal with it.

Well… some definitely are.

Tech people that didn’t grow up anywhere around here, gtfo as soon as they fail, and don’t provide any long-term good to the city. “Slum” it in the mission and confirm to the rest of the country that the city is full of twats. ACTUALLY, there are plenty of non-tech people who keep the lights on and the water flowing for your entitled, suburban-bred asses.

there are plenty of non-tech people who keep the lights on and the water flowing for your entitled, suburban-bred asses.

Yes, people who expect water and electricity are “entitled.” Thanks for posting here, Mr. Romney.

I love your popular Jump to Conclusions mats.

I live within a block of 26th and Guerrero, I work in the tech industry, and I’d much rather read this “shitty blog” that watch that shit-ass representation of my neighborhood and profession

This blog will far outlive Bravo’s crappy show and any of the failed startups that squeeze of that faux-reality sphincter.

The good news is that this is a problem that will solve itself.

I find great joy in knowing that in 4 weeks you will be irreverent because of your failed attempt at revealing insider info on a story you know nothing about. Your journalism is incorrect, your facts are completely wrong and if you we’re actually good at your job, you’d not only use credible sources, you’d list them. Get a life and quit this jealousy thing you’ve got going on, we all know you probably replied to the Craigslist add also…and look at you now.…

So wait, your smoking gun is because The Shore House wasn’t near 26th and Guerrero, the off-location toga party couldn’t possibly have been?

That doesn’t make me “completely wrong”, it makes you bad at reading and simple logic.

The good news is that you still have 3 weeks and 6 days. Party on!

Ha! And we find great joy knowing that ur panties are in a bunch over an “Irreverent”(Maybe you meant irrelevant?) blog posting. This is far from the NYTimes so just stop reading. You will only get more and more upset with the journalistic quality from this blog. I mean really, did u not see the name of this blog? Do you even know what its named after? Keep up the good work Kevmo,it’s working!

To be clear, we always aim for accuracy and generally update posts if we get something wrong. In this case, we tend to believe the tenant that hosted the party at 1:10–who we verified on Facebook is friends with Dwight Crow–over some commenters.

KevMo’s often a little irreverent.

“Irreverent” ftw!

You’ve offended the brogrammers. Right on.

Tech people are so vanilla. Easy to offend, so honky when it comes to “Facts” and so serious all the time. Please oh great spirit take the whole tech “scene” bubble out ASAP. Most of us that don’t live in a cloud would rather live in a poorer SF with stronger community then the SF they envision of “rich” people with weak social or community building skills. Capitalism as we know it is dying,and those people have the most to lose. We will take real workers in the real world over these cyber posers any day as our friends and neighbors. Long live the real SF, And may the end of tech be closer then we can imagine.

I’d like to think that a better strategy is to find ways to help the tech workers assimilate. Lumping them into a stereotype or telling them that you hope for their demise isn’t going to make our city a better place.

This is not fair. Plenty of “tech” workers care about their community and want to contribute to it. The notion that all tech workers are the same is just sloppy.

Tech companies are not monolithic. They are often divided into groups like sales, marketing, and engineering. Each of these groups has is made up of a variety of people coming from vary different backgrounds. Those people aren’t all trying to conform to some abstract tech person. I’ve met SF locals to people seeking political asylum at these tech companies. You can’t just lump people into one big thing so that you can throw a dart at. Well you can but I don’t think it is fair.

Finally the Bay Area has changed. My grandparents came here to work as migrant farm workers. I remember the feed mill and fruit processing factories in Cupertino getting demolished to make room for tech companies. Ironically one of the largest of these bears the name of fruit. Also just because one works in tech does not mean that we can buy anything we want. I work in tech and can’t afford a house where I grew up so I certainly understand your frustration but I don’t think it is quite on the mark. With that said, I miss buying records at Epicenter.

If “Tech” people are such a scourge on society, then why are you using the software and hardware they build? Shouldn’t you be living off the land in Mendocino or something? Just sayin’.

Did Paris Hilton get a face lift?

You mean aside from bringing in a massive amount of tax revenue so the city can hire more police?

tech nerds vs. blog nerds

as someone who actually has a real job in the tech industry, has worked for both successul and total failure startups I will happily watch as these people pivot their careers (see what I did there?) from entrepreneur wanna-be to reality tv personality. it’s over for them - no one in the valley will be taking them seriously. I’m not taking this show personally or as some sort of affront to people who actually work in this industry much as I never thought the Real World represented all 20-somethings - this is just a pile of pretty people who are trying to get publicity for their shitty products and aren’t savvy enough to realize what this is going to do to any career aspirations they have. have fun!

Facebook didn’t buy the site, it “bought” the 2 guys to work at Facebook as creatives or something. Their site is still for sale, and unless they find a buyer, it’ll go under since a.) FB doesn’t need a used car comparison site and b.) they won’t have time to keep it alive since they’ll be too busy coding or holding Marks place in line at Wise Sons and whatnot.

Nailed it!

Exactly. The funny thing is that this is the same guy that proclaims “If you’re not aiming for a billion dollars or higher, it’s not worth it” in the video. While I’m sure Facebook pays him a decent wage, we’re certainly not talking billions. Nice to know that he failed by his own standards!

will you marry me?

Yes, it’s the “new” pretty nerds or ‘Rules For Libertarians’ !!! Is this not a tale as old as time ? And this tale always ends very badly indeed.

Loved that girl who says “This package usually doesn’t come with brains” Hmmm.

Is the social equivalent of bombing down the highway at 150 miles an hour.

This is all happening only a few blocks from me and I am so utterly dismayed. Think that everybody has to hope very much that these Bravo characters don’t really represent the majority.

Itt: Techy bro douche complains about a show about techy bro douches. I

This show blows. Can’t wait for it to get canceled

Stanford: The After Years.

My experience working in startups from SOMA to the Valley tells me that the companies that have drama internally are the ones that fall the fastest. The ones that push it with their heads down and get stuff done are the ones that succeed. Too easy will the product take on the reputation of the people within the office, where I highly doubt that the CEO would have any interest in tying his product to this crap. Unless either he got investment for doing the show, or its all fabricated.

I know as a Senior Manager at a mainstream tech startups, that annoying chattering boys and girls this show portrays wouldn’t last long on my team.

I am not a violent person but I would love to kick the shit out of those guys.

OK, you guys, it’s time to stop being jealous of people that are hot and have some really good ideas! You all talk big about doing hard work, but the REALLY hard part is being creative and coming up with the ideas, which TOTALLY means networking with other people over parties and at cocktails? GET REAL. The money will always take care of itself. Don’t you know anything about how the business world really works? All of the geeky programming stuff isn’t even done here anymore, so it’s time for all you pocket-protector nerds to move to India or get real jobs. SF TOTALLY RULES and will be even awesomer when shows like this attract more of the right element to help gentrify The Mission. It’s going to be the hot new place, but some parts are kind of a little scuzzy right now (and not in a good way).

South San Francisco’s hottest social media start-up is “Failure”;

Pre-empting the tech bubble’s burst, Failure’s CHO (Chief Hubris Officer) Yuri Yuri, provides a dynamically-sustainable judgement-free zone for your bad ideas.

“Failure” has everything; 2 for 1 Stanford MBAs, classes in talking about Series A funding loudly in restaurants, floor-to-ceiling mirrored self-affirmation rooms and enough value propositions and USPs to fill the Library of Congress.

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