Chipotle Knockin' on the Mission's Door

Chipotle, America's “feel good” Taco Bell and 5th best carne asada burrito manufacturer in San Francisco, is closing in on the hallowed grounds of the Mission District.  According to Grub Street, McDiego's tenth SF location is set to open in mid-2013 at Church and Market—a mere 5 blocks away from La Cumbre, where burritos are claimed to have been invented some 43 years ago.

But this is no boring old Mission Street taqueria.  They're improving upon that stale taqueria experience with a big ass outdoor patio, beer and margarita service, fountain soda for days, and a variety of salsa.

Chipotle's spokestaco filled in Grub Street on that this means for the company's future:

“Our locations so far in the Bay Area have been in high-traffic areas or more suburban areas, and this marks the start of a move into more urban neighborhoods which we're really excited about.”

I'm not exactly sure what that means, but they're probably not planning on plopping down location #11 in Union Square.

Oh, in case you were wondering…

[Grub Street]

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cant wait.

ppl can hate all they want on chipotle.
i fucking luv it and it’s way better than cancun anyday. yeah i said it.

~u mad~

You have bad taste.

And you don’t know how to spell.

Or type.

I love you man! I hate Cancun and Farolito. Can’t stand them. I love how idiot knee jerk reactions start as soon as one besmirches the holy duo. I must say though that Chipolte is good in suburban Idaho but it pales to any of the ten taquarias in walking distance to my house.

Cancun has the best burritos in San Francisco, which makes them the best burritos in the world. Your tastebuds are broken.

Maybe your’s are.. Cancun has a complete lack of seasoning in the rice, and beans.. their meats are overcooked, and the tortillas are lack luster at best.

But you are correct they are the best burritos in the mission.. the mission just has really shitty burritos.

I’m curious… does being so completely wrong about everything ever bother you? Or have you become accustomed to it by this point?

Hey, where else are you getting a burrito served by a white teenager?
I mean, c’mon. It’s worth it just for that.

Thank goodness a nationwide corporation is bringing local food integrity to our neighborhood.

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