SFPD Details New Stepped-Up Policing Strategy for Dolores Park

After a spring season of aggressive policing in Dolores Park (including at least 17 arrests, bothering folks for smoking and drinking, undercovers badgering lounging picnickers for heroin, and an alleged campaign to harass gay sunbathers), Dolores Park Works was able to get the word from Mission Station Captain Bob Moser at a community meeting as to what's going on:

Moser told the group he does not have the resources to completely eradicate alcohol from Dolores Park. He instead is focusing on enforcement of illegal alcohol sales, drug sales, public intoxication and underage drinking.

This subtly implies that the goal is to eventually “eradicate” alcohol from the Park, which obviously no substantial constituency is interested in.  But SFPD is making inroads on that situation regardless:

Starting at the end of April, Moser has increased police coverage in and around Dolores Park.  This involves radio squad cars, gang enforcement and plain clothes officers.  Captain Moser said he has directed all shifts of radio patrol cars to include Dolores Park and the surrounding neighborhoods in their patrols. In May, radio cars logged 413 “passing calls” or visits.  Success from this increased enforcement operation includes gang officers spotting and arresting known gang members, plainclothes officers making buys and issuing citations for the sale of psylocibe mushrooms, pot, Jello shots and beer.  Plain clothes officers are also being sent into the park at night and extra officers are patrolling the park during peak weekends and issuing tickets for keggers that “get little bit out of control,” Moser said.  On the perimeter of the park, officers have made arrests for public urination and auto burglary.

Keggers?  Well, in all the countless afternoons I've squandered in Dolores, I've never once seen or heard of anyone hauling a barrel of brew in the park.  But, hey, I guess it's possible that multiple keggers just spontaneously started happening over the last few weeks.

Anyway, the city's park rangers report that they are also in the midst of stepping up their patrols in the park, stating that their priorities are shutting down loud late parties, “underage drinking, tents, drug and alcohol sales and illegal venders.”

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Got to worry about this plan aimed to stop keggers. Is that a reread of the invade Iraq justification?

It’s part of the whole brogrammers trend. Bros kickin’ back with their red Solo cups, crankin’ up the LMFAO. Soon it will be EVERYWHERE.

I’m glad they rid the 16th BART plaza of public intoxication before moving on to this!

SO TRUE… nightmare nexus of evil at 16th street, putrid urine to the point of not breathing as you pass by it, the look of ultimate evil and psychosis on everyone’s faces, but hey…. people having a good time in the park and making scrap money …much easier to police that obviously.

I’ve seen keggers there. I’ve participated in keggers there! Anyway, this is nothing new. We were harassed by police on the 4th of July 2008, they knocked Solo cups out of our hands, took bottles of beer and dumped them out and made us pack up and leave. We also were threatened with citations for having a grill. We didn’t know alcohol and grills were an issue, but would certainly have more willingly complied had we been given a warning. We have since moved our gatherings elsewhere.

I should add, this wasn’t a rager or anything, just a July 4th cookout. There were even a bunch of kids there. It just seemed like an over-the-top response to us.

so your the one who messed it up for everyone… what a 30 rack wasn’t good enough so u had to bring a keg? Jesus hasn’t anyone ever heard of being low key..

portable grills are not allowed in the park, I believe a list of parks that do allow it are on the parks & rec site

These days, Dolores Park is more littered with trash than a city dump.

I wish that the cops would focus on issuing tickets for littering.

Go back to your own neighborhoods and leave your trash there, please.

the bums in the park recycle the cans left on the ground its their main source of income and it keeps the park clean.

And who cleans up the rest of the garbage? Take a stroll through the park before 10am. It’s not clean and the only “bums” in sight are camped out under trees.

Bull sh*t. The park is a total dump after every single nice day we have in the city. It’s not just cans left behind (and, really, if you pack it in, how hard is it to pack it out!?!) it’s glass, food, blankets, containers, bags, poppers and more that are left behind. I routinely see entire “picnics” that were left behind. If you think otherwise, visit the park any given morning after a nice day. DP is not solely used on weekend afternoons, in case you were not aware. I go there every morning, along with many other people - except on days after it is nice because there is too much crap left behind. And, do you know who cleans it up? Those very nice Park and Rec employees who all have horticulture backgrounds and are SUPPOSED to be dedicated to park maintenance and beautification. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough time to spend on their intended jobs because they are too busy picking up after selfish park users.

um, many of the people who work for park and rec are there specifically to clean. not holding horticulture degrees. those would be the gardners and you’ll always see them doing maintenance on the sprinklers, etc. verified by the fact that I used to do many projects with the various DP gardening, cleaning and painting crews last year.

You need a hug

not all neighborhoods get to have parks like ‘we’ do - so maybe we can all share or something. shit. why is everyone so protective of ‘their’ park. i’d much prefer to live across the street from an inclusionary park that welcomes everyone and their mixed shennanigans, that doesn’t always look spick and span and that on a hot summer day bumps a little bit. the alternative sounds like an exclusive, pristine swath of green filled with mostly kids and families and the thought makes me want to cry a little inside. I live directly across the street from the park and see a wide range of people from families with kids, people with dogs to people drinking beer at BBQ’s and you know what - everyone looks happy as fuck. i agree that the trash is an issues at times, but i would hardly say that the solution to that is to limit the activities and therefore people that can occur in the park because the sacrifice is losing what the pure awesomeness currently happens a hot saturday afternoon in one of the best parks in the city.

Thank you. I agree.

well come to mission yuppies scum go home , out sf…..
sf born raised

Unless you are Ramaytush Ohlone native ,please just shut up with the “born and raised” SF crap…..The only “SF Native’s” had this land stolen years ago by this culture that we are all a part of now.

And they(Ramaytush Ohlone) aren’t even native here. The only natives are sitting in Africa….everybody else is just migrating. Deal with it!

your missing the point,we are all native to the earth…..

That is such a bullshit justification for littering.

It is not just recycling. People throw their leftover food waste on the ground. And it is mostly in the hipster plot park of Dolores Park.

There are trash and recycling bins in the park. The “bums” can fish through stuff there. What is the problem with properly disposing of waste. It is a public park, respect it so others can enjoy it.

i agree.

This is such a basic, blatant, old tactic! How stupid do they think we are? Clearly they are using this “crack-down” to increase their arrest stats, to make it look like they actually do something and aren’t just a bunch of fatty-fat-fat donut eaters, without having to do any actual police work. God forbid they should address any of the myriad of real law enforcement problems that blight this city! Yes, policing is difficult work, but so are lots of other jobs. We pay for this crap both in our tax $$ and in the negligent lack of proper policing in the areas that need it. *bashes table with fist in pointless display of anger*

Have you seen the bathrooms in the park? You wait 20 minutes to stand ankle-deep in raw sewage. It’s not worth drinking there.

The round up of gang members often happens each year about this time.

32 homicides in sf this year as of yesterday and sfpd wants to dick around with drinking in the park?

i don’t wish for anyone to die, but if #33 was a noe nimby, i’d suspect that drinking in the park wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore.

If you break laws don’t cry about getting busted.

We are discussing what laws should be enforced.

I, much like the original black and low income Rosa Parks, would have to disagree with you scumbag asshole. Your statement is received about as loud and clear as a 5 year old receiving the “because I told you to” reasoning from their parents when told to do something. It is in fact reasonable for non-violent, peaceful and drinkers in the park to ask “Why the fuck not?”. We pay the premium in rent, we as a community want to be able to relax and mind our own fuckin business. Proper regulating is all that needs to take place here. ticket the literers, bust the mythical dolores park gangs and make sure I have to walk at least a block to get cold beer or cold water.

Well asshole, I drink and smoke in DP knowing it’s illegal, if I get a ticket I won’t cry about.

Me, I think they should arrest people for breaking the off leash dog laws, and allow the people to break the open container laws. But others think the opposite enforcement priorities.

I frequently go to the park and chill out there, drink and smoke. This is a stupid tactic to harass people who are having a good time, why are they wasting their time on this when they barely turn their heads when someone lights up a joint or pipe smoking pot? Are they that hard up to fill their quota for arrests? I pick up after myself like an adult, they should treat us like adults. Most of the people I see in the park usually pick up after themselves, there are probably people who leave their garbage sure, but there are people who pick up to recycle it afterwards. I don’t see a point in harassing people there about open container laws, if you go to other parks most people don’t follow them either. Not sure why Dolores Park has become such a target for this kind of tactic, probably because it’s really nice out and more young people are flocking to it. Therefore, there is police scrutiny about it because they like to kill the fun before it gets out of hand. Which so far it hasn’t escalated into any fistfights or gang violence. So what is the deal REALLY?

Agree with you but actually there are a ton of fights and gang violence. In fact a good friend of mine got stabbed in the legs and face while waiting for the restroom. She was jumped for a gang initiation.

There was a shooting on 16th and Albion…hello? There is some bad stuff going on on 16th Street and they’re focusing on people hanging out in Dolores park. That is stupid.

The increased police presence is there because of the new kids playground. I imagine some parents have been complaining, and the city is responding.

The Playground really has nothing to do with it. And since when do hipsters do Heroin? I Was told the other day by the Undo who arrested my friend that they are only busting sales and such Under captains orders. They turn An eye to drinking mostly unless its night time. Bullshit tactics its almost another GG Park Circa three years ago. People are going to continue to Hang out at DP Regardless. Go back to Squad patrolling down in the Late teens and 20s There is much worse shit you could be observing down there.

I don’t know how old you are, but i’m 23 and most of my friends had suddenly become hooked on H. All of them are hipsters.

Maybe if they hosed all the human scum out of Dolores Park it would be a nice place to visit, but the stench of weed, stale beer and piss pervades. The toilets are festering dens of sewage - all kinds.

I wouldn’t bring kids there for a picnic in case some drug-addled bum or hippy tried to sell them drugs!

How hard is it to enjoy nature without becoming stoned or intoxicated? How out of touch with your own humanity are you that you cannot enjoy the simple joys without pouring filth into your bodies and leaving your garbage all over the streets?

different strokes for different folks man. the beauty of this park is that we can all make of it what we want. if you are bothered by watching other people have a good time, then that’s your prerogative. There are plenty of families sitting in the grass, enjoying picnics, and they’re all smiling.

Why don’t you just keep it in Noe Valley, Yupie douchebag.

Maybe if they hosed all the human scum out of Dolores Park it would be a nice place to visit…

That must be why nobody ever goes to Dolores Park. Oh wait…

Can they start foot patrolling the Tenderloin instead, PLEASE? I feel so unsafe walking home from Civic Center BART/Muni up Leavenworth, Hyde, or Larkin. Much more open crimes there than in D.P.

Besides the fact that I love drinking Wellers Bourbon, this whole up is down…..down is up, shite ,has to cease and desist. What are we just dust in the wind? A bunch of ramblers eating cotton candy at the footsteps of purging mothers milk? Might I wipe my brow grin while I sip from her plunder, over yonder the well wishes seem to hide my creations…..Good lawd! Have I just libeled myself?

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