Cops Now Warning People for Smoking and Open Containers in Dolores Park

We've reported on this a bunch lately, so we won't dive too far into this.  However, it's worth noting that SFPD isn't just going after the suppliers of booze and weed in the park anymore, but directly after the consumers.  We even heard some rumors that Cold Beer, Cold Water gave up on selling beer and is only selling water.

Can we, like, just tear down that dumb playground and go back to normal?

UPDATE: Here's a pic of the undercovers busting people in the park, sent to us by an anonymous reader.  Be aware:

[Photo by Jenna Broughton]

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how about we all agree to pick up our trash, and then the cops will go away? Drove by this morning, trash everywhere, center of the park, edges of the park. Act like children and you will be treated like children.

Hmmmmmm, dont wanna say we told ya. But we saw this coming when the “New Dolores park” plan was unveiled. There is no way that non smoking non drinking in the park citizens were gonna stand for what has been happening in the park once any improvments were made with taxpayer dollars. If people would REALLY look at the master plan, with biker beach being leveled for a “off leash dog run” and a service road cutting across the whole park, limiting the park to 2 major events each year(orchistra being one) One would start to see that Dparks days as we have had them are numbered…Look at the plans folks,REALLY look at them.

so, where is everyone going to go when the north half of the park is closed off for renovations?

Bull shit - the enforcement happened when the playground was re-introduced - this was the plan all along - boring white suburban people bring their values to the city

Kevin, have you written “the man” and asked him why he’s directing his officers to crack down? Generally someone has to complain for this to happen. Many of us parents using Dolores Park like to drink & smoke too. Most people are live & let live. So I’d ask the Capt. who is complaining.

The cops are patrolling the wrong part of town. It’s ridiculous when Mission between 18th and 16th are still an open hard drug market. If you agree, go to the next community meeting May 29. In the meantime, let the captain know here that you consider this a quality of life issue:
Also, please pick up some trash when you leave. The whole scene is looking really fucking sad.

Remember kids, public drinking is only okay if you’re over 60, drive a Prius and listen to Yo La Tengo. That’s why alcohol is permitted at Stern Grove but not Dolores Park.

The purpose of Delores Park Works is to advocate for the park to become a playground for urber rich white families. First the playground, then the soccer field will be used as excuses to drive off young people, people of color and gays from the park.

I smoke my cigars in Dolores Park all the time and no one even notices me even if I smoke right under the trilingual no smoking sign.