Rare Opportunity To Participate in Hilarious Local TV Trainwreck!

Uptown readers, are you familiar with the KOFY show Dance Party? I don’t know if you all spend as much time watching local television broadcasting as I do, but this show is absolutely one of the most mindboggling trainwrecks on TV (and I’m including Real Housewives from ALL cities). See, it’s like an 80's version of MTV’s The Grind, except everyone on it seems to be morbidly obese, incredibly unattractive, or on MDMA of some type. Delusions of grandeur are rampant throughout Dance Party. 

Give it about 25 seconds:

I watched an episode the other night with a 200+ lb woman dressed as a Rubix cube, but unfortunately couldn’t find that clip. You get the idea though. The best part about it is that you really can’t tell if it was filmed recently or 20-25 years ago, which I’m sure was deliberate on the part of whatever crackpot genius dreamt this shit up.

ANYWAY, this show is indeed current and they’re filming season 3 this Saturday. They’re doing three tapings: 11:45 am, 2:00 pm, and 3:45 pm. The noon taping might be a little too early to roll out to Bayview get enough substances in your system to participate to your full abilities. Maybe wait until the 3:45 one since it is not only 80’s themed, but will apparently be an 80’s Pajama Party. Does anyone even know what 80’s pajamas are?  

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Forgive me if I’m telling you something you already know- but the original TV20 Dance Party was a weekly(?) (I think it was weekly) fixture on the station back in the actual 1980s.

They would have a different Bay Area high school on every week. They’d feature a band from the school as well as a sketch from the school’s drama club (or whomever was brave/organized enough to perform).

In essence, it was a local version of ‘American Bandstand’, minus Dick Clark (then-station manager James Gabbert would host).

And yes, your old alcoholic Uncle Beej was indeed on the show back in 1983. We looked just as ridiculous as the people do now- just (a lot) younger & thinner.

There’s more to this anecdote. But, I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough already. Now, if you’ll excuse me- there’s some kids on my lawn I have to shake my fist at.

You know what? You’re an asshole. Seriously, aren’t there enough skinny people on TV? You can’t let one show have some real folks on, enjoying themselves with pissing your pants about what ugly losers they are. Jesus, shut the fuck up and get a life.

First of all as KOFY puts it, it is “Our” show. It is open to everyone that wants to come on down, get down with the 80’s and party. No one discriminates against race, weight, etc. The vibe is great and it not only is a Party, it is a family. That being said, the majority of us (as I too am one of the “Regulars”) either had watched the show back in the 80’s or actually participated in the old shows with the 50’s format–thus 25 seconds in….Yes, that person was one of the regulars from 50’s Dance Party.
Kofy and Dance Party is beloved to most of us that are native to the Bay Area, so we are excited that not only is KOFY TV 20 back, that they brought Dance Party as well.
As much as I could go on and on, I would like to get to my point as quickly as possible–
Have a nice day.

I am rather proud of that skirt. I love that I get to dance with the cutest guy on the dance floor. On the screen, Dance Party is quite entertaining, on the set, even better. Great people, each one with a surprising back story. Thanks for tuning in. :)

I’d rather watch Carol Doda and her “perfect 36”…

When I read this article, I was shocked! I was like, “What?!” I love Dance Party!! And I love the fact that there are all kinds of people on the show… Real people just having fun. I think it’s awesome and I would totally get on the show! :-)

Anyone know how I can get a copy of the show from 1983 where Fairfield High School was on? I can find tons on Lowell HS and Clayton Valley HS, but no others. Thanks,

I grew up during the ’70s and ’80s and I remember when KOFY was KTZO and I even have very minor recollections of the pre KTZO days as KEMO. Jim Gabbert took on a hit or miss venture when he acquired KEMO. KTZO turned out a success.

In the days when independent TV was truly independent the UHF channels back in the day had the flexibility, originality and offered a selection of quality programming that pleased most viewers. This of course is no longer the case. KBHK-44 was pretty much king of bay area UHF stations, KICU and its former KGSC (the Carol Doda era) were riding high and newcomer KTZO had major competition before them, but they forged ahead making KTZO a big success.

Sadly when KOFY became KBWB it lost its independence and therefore a trove of incredibly rotten programming was ushered in. Since KOFY has become an independent once again, I can’t say much for its selection of programming. It’s great that a truly independent station is back even in their original studios, but the quality of programming is greatly lacking. Pseudo court shows and a laundry list of puke inducing talk shows. No thanks.

As for the TV-20 Dance Party, well, I thought it was a ghastly format when they had the ’50s era theme, but I have respect for the 1950’s as a pretty remarkable decade even if it was before my time. As for their ’80s themed Dance Party this is where I draw the line. The 1980’s were quite possible one of the most unmemorable decades in history. The worst automobiles, horrible fashions, infectiously rotten music, etc. However the independent UHF stations were a bright spot in the ’80s. I guess it all boils down to supply and demand. If shows like Judge Jerkoff , Jerry Stinger and Riki Lost can achieve such high ratings nowadays, then it’s the dull mentality of your everyday cretin that makes the buck for whatever station. Quantity over quality :(

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