Hordes of (Paid) Ed Lee Supporters Invade Mission Street

For all of the Mayor's coyishness about running for a full term, he sure does look like he's running a campaign.  Just yesterday, multiple squads of “supporters” traversed Mission Street collecting signatures to (presumably) get Ed's name on the ballot.  While this group was generally more interested in gawking at lucador masks than collecting sigs, another at the 16th BART station were much more aggressive, literally following people asking them for support.

I tried to figure out what was the hell was going on, but they didn't seem to keen on talking to me, probably because I had alcohol on my breath and generally look like a crazy person.  I'm sure asking “Who pays you?” and “Do you even live in San Francisco?” didn't help.  Regardless, more sketchy electioneering from our astroturfing mayor.

Comments (4)

Who *does* pay them? Is this a Rose Pak production?

Ugh. If there’s anything worse than chuggers, it’s campaign-harassers. This is the quickest way to get people to vote for anyone but you.

I don’t think they’re nec. getting paid. It’s probably the club they’re in, or whatever non-profit in Chinatown, that’s telling them to go to the Mission.

OTOH, Jeff Adachi’s pension proposal signature gatherers are getting paid up to $5 a sig. That’s big bucks, that makes it worth the drive up from LA or wherever..

Smells like Enrique Pierce’s doing. Why’s he got a hard-on for Edster?