Tosh joins the Resistance against the Axis of Ice

While we at Uptown don't (openly) condone Bros Slitting Bros throats, we're happy to see a celebrity (albeit a C-lister) join us in the fight against the Axis of Ice.  Daniel Tosh raises an interesting point that hadn't previously occurred to me; Smirnoff Ice is the new ZIMA.  I'd like to see the retro ZIMA make a comeback and take its place next PBR as a hipster beverage.  

Hat tip to Clark.  Friends don't let friends Ice Bros.

EDIT: Obligatory addition of 90's throwback ZIMA commercials.

“Are those free range burgers?”


“She started deep into my eyes and said …nice hat”

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The 90’s loved the idea of young “urban tribe” people wearing superfluous vests.