REMINDER: We're Getting Shitfaced For Charity TONIGHT @ Shotwell's

I walked into Shotwell's last night shortly after tweeting that someone was willing to give The Bay Citizen $300 if I bartended without my shirt on, which was an obvious attempt to subvert my sex life but whatever, and was immediately told that “Neither you, nor Zach, nor Kristen, nor anyone can do this without their shirt on.”  So, my dreams of making Shotwell's into an unattractive hipster Coyote Ugly for a night is shattered, but we'll still be raising 'mad money' for The Bay Citizen, because if they keep paying their CEO $400,000 a year, they're going to go broke.  We'll also be chanting BEAT LA until the Celtics take home the gold and then my inner Boston will come out.  See you at 8pm!

The Dirty:
Thursday, June 17th, 8pm-11
3349 20th St. @ Shotwell, 94110

There's also a facebook thingy here but whatever.

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I task you with livetumbling the occasion.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the word “charity” being anywhere near “paying their CEO $400,000 a year”. Whatever, fuck you; buy beer from me tonight. I’ll be the guy dressed as their overpaid CEO.

I’m kinda hoping that he shows up tonight just so we can tell him to leave. I’m also offering $20 for BROCHAT to make a public appearance.

oh and fine, ill just do it pants-less.

Kevin if Celtics lose pull a Benzino and stab someone, k?

But I don’t publish my own OH WAIT A MINUTE