Uptown Almanac Guest Bartending at Shotwell's to Fundraise For The Bay Citizen!

The Bay Citizen is the Bay's latest non-profit journalistic enterprise and we wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood and try to make amends. Therefore, we'll be guest bartending and raising funds for The Bay Citizen THIS THURSDAY (the 17th) at Shotwell's from 8-11pm. That's right, all the tip money you give us as you get sloppy off Shotwell's selection of delicious beer will go straight to helping The Bay Citizen stay in business. For every $200 we raise, we cover the CEO's salary for an entire hour OR pay one of their bloggers to write 8 posts!

Alternatively, if you would rather just drink with us at Shotwell's but not give The Bay Citizen any money, you can just give Shotwell's staff all your tip money after 11pm. Aren't you a nice person!

See you there!

The Dirty:
Thursday, June 17th, 8pm-11
3349 20th St. @ Shotwell, 94110

There's also a facebook thingy here but whatever.

Comments (6)

the ceo needs a salary cut…

And you need a haircut, hippie. In ‘merica, we’re all free to exploit others for our personal gain. That’s capitalism.

Go back to the USSR, pinko.

Kevmo, pray tell what is your favorite beverage recipe? Seriously, I’m curious.

BTW, was just in Memphis and had a few at the Cove.

Amazing story, amazing bar, and great cocktails.


My favorite beverage receipe is taking a shot of Jaegermeister and dropping in in a pint glass half full of Red Bull. Following enjoying my delicious beverage, I punch the motherfucker standing next to me in the mouth.

Why the fuck are you helping these guys? Did they pay you an extra $25 or something?