Car Chase Ends at Dolores Park, Man Allegedly Tasered

A few people are reporting that a police chase ended in front of Dolores Park this afternoon, finishing with the suspect fleeing on foot and eventually getting tasered.  Given how shitty the cellphone service is around there, there's not a lot of info on what happened.  Anyone else see anything?

(photo by Stephan Bronstein)

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CHP hot pursuit of red camero. KPIX news van in pursuit as well. Perp comes down Dolores and realizes mistake as “cars parked for church–wink wink” have Dolores down to one lane each way. Perp cuts across middle and drives down wrong way before cops box him in. Driver bails between 17th and 18th, runs around corner at 18th and Dolores and gets tazed by SFPD on the garage door next to Bi-Rite creamery (red door with white diamonds). Passenger stays with car and has multiple guns pointed at her by CHP and SFPD.

Tazer scream was loud enough to get me to come out from my place across the street. Perp cuffed and taken away by CHP within 15 mins of tazering.

Saw this pursuit on Bay Bridge late afternoon, red camaro being pursued by three CHP units. Traffic was geting backed up at 5th street, so suspect exited on 5th street. Apparently he led them all the way to Dolores Park.
I saw a highway patrol car parked a tthe dangerous curve of the the new bay bridge construction, but I thought he was looking for speeders on the curve. Turns out he was waiting for the pursuit to near his location.
I think it would have been better if he blocked the traffic in the Treasure Island tunnel, suspect wouldn’t be able to get through and would have to exit Treasure Island. There are only four ways to get off T.I., including if they used an on-ramp as an off-ramp.
CHP could have blocked all the ramps so he couldn’t get off the island. Much safer.

Wasn’t really a red Camaro, more like rusty brown. The guy must have been blocked by police cars and gotten forced onto the wrong way of Dolores at Doland. At least four CHP and SFPD cars were on top of the car immediately. The guy ran down Dolores to the corner of 18th and turned towards BiRite Creamery, followed by a SFPD officer. The CHP cops who’d stayed with the car took two women out of the car, handcuffed them, and put them in separate police cars. Meanwhile, I gather the guy who ran was tased, but while running he’d dropped a knife, which a cop picked up (right in front of me!). I know nothing about the chase on the bridge, just how it ended, and frankly, I was quite happy. What I can’t figure out is why this is the only online post or news story I that has anything on what was really pretty big and dangerous.

Yeah, I was kind of hoping a real news outlet would do a real story about this piece but, alas, this is why blogs exist.

Well, hopefully he didn’t hurt anyone.
Idiots like this don’t care about anyone
else but themselves.
I was driving south on Valencia near 18th,
and I saw at least three cars that were in an
accident, but after hearing about this pursuit,
sounds like this guy may have caused it.
So many people with kids enjoying Dolores
park on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
This guy is very, very lucky he didn’t plow into
a bunch of kids.

Well let me start off with i was one of the passengers in that red rusty brown camaro. After reading the few posts that people have stated, I would like to say good job. I enjoyed reading about the pursuit just as it occured. Let me tell you all that i have been searching for any headlines on this event since it occured and yet i never located anything until now. A few months later that is. Quite odd if you ask me especially since the chp did say the chase was one for the books when i had asked him before leaving the station. Well for those who are curious to know this is what really happened: We were on our way to San Pablo casino, when the driver aka Parole and front passenger we’ll call her D, were so occupied with talking that we missed our exit, which ends us on the bay bridge. I was the passenger in the backseat, aka Karly minding my business applying my make up when we were three confused people trying to find a way from not having to cross the bridge. Well during the confusing stage D mentioned something about staying to the right and that is when I realized that we still had to pay the toll and had to cross over the bridge. So here we are completely trying not to bring attention to us driving thru on the lane all the way to the right. Where we didnt have a fast pass nor did we pay, so Parole kinda slows down and stops on the shoulder so we can figure out how to go back and at least pay the toll. When all of a sudden I hear him say I hate to do this but hang on. See Parole, well he drove off because he was upscounding for not checking in with parole and doing what was asked of him. So we’re off onto the bridge and all i hear D say is pull over just stop, and I’m watching him concentrating on the road with a half cigarette hanging from his mouth then I would turn around to see if we were getting away or not. Honestly, I’ve seen way to many movies cuz i thought we were going to get shot at, or they were going to put up some spikes, or rush us and spin us around with their vehicles. It was very suspenseful but at the same time scary, for we didn’t know the outcome. One thing I will say, if ever in another chase, which I don’t ever plan on participating in, I would want the driver to be Parole, cuz man, he knows how to handle a vehicle under stressful stipulations. I give u props Parole u did good. So there was traffic on bridge i think going about 30 miles an hour and here we come driving up to speeds between 80mph and 90mph registered the officer chasing behind us. During the whole pursuit we only clipped one vehicle barely with the back end of our vehicle to the frt driver side fender. We did turns and weaving in and out of traffic the whole time, and when we reached the end of the bridge, there were officers waiting for our arrival. Parole turned off the bridge and started down city streets where we ran red lights, took turn after turn, even drove down one way streets against traffic. Well we eventually took a turn a got a flat tire then he turned right onto a one way road that had vehicles facing us stopped bumper to bumper. Parole then asked vehicles to move out of way, when I then yelled PAROLE RUN!!!! He fled on foot and at that time I tried to shove my way out from the back seat however before either D or myself could actually get out of vehicle we had a few officers equipped with guns pointed right at us yelling GET UR HANDS UP AND GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!! Wow, was it the most unsettling feeling I could say I ever experienced. We were then handcuffed and separated into 2 different cars, well that lasted a whole 5 min. May I add that the officer who handcuffed me was very nice, sorry I cant remember his name. As for D, well she got handcuffed by an officer who just experienced his first high speed chase and was extremely feeling the rush, but was kinda an ass towards her but then eventually eased up after expressing how intense it was being it was his first pursuit. We devirginized him with a good run. Glad we made his day. As for Parole he was chased and I heard tasered in the face. We were questioned then released to the streets of San francisco, unfamiliar territory considering we are from the bay area, Campbell and San Jose. We were fed to the wolves to try and figure out how to get home without a vehicle, and unfamiliar with traveling on bart. Yes we actually figured it out and managed to get home about 2in a half to 3 hours later, as for Parole, well he was brought into the station in a vehicle behind us, and well that was the last time we heard his voice and seen him. Where he ended up is still unknown, or how much time he is facing. I do hope he is well and not facing a butt load of new charges. Mr. Parole u did good, but unfortunately u remain in custody. We will reunite one day I know, till then miss and love ya, and D well we survived a crazy intense situation one to many times together to let the small things get between us. So for all who wondered about the High Speed Chase Over Bay Bridge Ending On Dolores, now you know. Why it wasn’t mentioned in the papers or on the news still puzzles me as well as many others. I guess we didn’t have the best ending to make their top 10 in their eyes, but in ours we sure had people talking. Let me know if there were any other questions or things that i may have left out. And Remember to Always Speed Safely.