Pop's is Having an Identity Crisis

A month or so ago, Pop's ditched their amazing 90s-era television for a flat screen.  That was sacrilegious, but I was willing to deal with it because it's the only bar in the Mission you can drink Jager unironically.  But this?  No more awesome posters.  No more Burt Reynolds.  No more vintage Bud Light boxes.  No NOTHING.  Just a bunch of ugly ass, plain, graffiti-free red walls.  Rumor even has it that TRINA is leaving the jukebox.

Pop's is one of my favorite bars in the world because they proudly display who has been 86ed from the joint:

  1. Jesse was booted for repeatedly starting fights and throwing pint glasses in guy's faces.
  2. Another bro for exposing his genitals to “yuppies” and pissing in the corner behind the pinball machine.
  3. Another girl for throwing a pint glass through the front window.

Pop's is one of the only bars in the Mission where you can get molested for not looking cool.  Pop's is one of the only bars in the Mission where the women are more likely to hurt you then the bros.  Pop's is one of the only bars in the Mission with slam-dunk competitions.

Has Pop's peaked?  Is this an end of an era?  Will Pop's lameout and start hosting art shows in favor of shitty posters?

Don't go anywhere, Pop's.  We loved you the way it was.

Smooches <3,

P.S. - Get rid of the Valley Girl soundtrack.  Fuck that garbage.

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does kevmo think he’s carles?
does kevmo wish he was carles?
is kevmo carles?
does kevmo wish he worked for hipsterrunoff?
is uptown almanac HRO runoff?

i influence myself (via being the best)

Yeah. We’re cleaning up. Those shitty ratty and yellowed papers smelled and we’re patching some holes and repainting before the walls crumble upon the patrons.

For the record, Peppi , not Jesse, was booted for throwing pint glasses (and ruining xmas). The person who pressed his genitals was different from the dude who pissed in the corner (is anyone feeling nostalgia for THAT?) and Jesse is the bartender who just threw our FIRST annual slam dunk contest – a new era tradition.

But yeah, out with old and a return to the old. We cleared the walls for an art show last week, something we used to do “back in the day” and we cleaned up to make memories for a new generation of degenerates.

BTW, the valley girl soundtrack has been in the juke box for almost two years.

And considering my other job is being a poster artist, I think you can rest assured that posters will return to the walls.

One last thing… It’s spelled “jäger” and it’s still $2.50 on sundays and there’s still free bacon on Monday and $1 hamms on Wednesday.