Hey Nerds! Free Comics!

Apparently, today is Free Comic Book Day. Basically, from what I’ve figured out, you just show up and they give you a free comic. It’ll probably be a pretty shitty one,  but hey, it’s free, and you can just lie to your friends and say it’s “obscure” and “underrated”, unless of course they went and got the same shitty comic. Maybe you can bond over your shared secret and live in constant fear that the others will out you as an owner of crappy comics. whatevs, ITS FREE.

According to the website, Mission Comics and Art, Neon Monster, Isotope, and Comix Experience are all participating. Caffeinated Comics apparently doesn’t believe in free comics, and probably tells kids Santa isnt real either so screw those assholes (edit: looks like they believe in free comics).  Considering I just woke up from a night of bartending and boozing and only pretend to read comics so nerdy boys will sleep with me, I don’t think I’m gonna make it, but hopefully just writing about it will give me that nerd boost that being obsessed with zombies just cant bring, and some guy in fake glasses and an argyle sweater vest will find me attractive. SWOON.

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the comics they give away are actually really good, they are usually samples of upcoming titles. I’ve found out about a lot of great new titles thanks to it. and some will often give away old stock that the hippies won’t buy so that’s cool too.

alas, I missed it as I was at the Giants game all day….

Caffeinated Comics Company gave away 720 free comics yesterday. It was posted on our website under events and on at least three other websites. Why the vitriole?

just werent listed as a participant. my bad. i love caffeinated comics. they’re the best!

So Kristen, are you going to edit the post to clear CaffCom’s good name? Otherwise this shit lives on the Internet forever.

ugh im totally not sleeping with another nerd after this post, am i? NARDS.

Kristen, thanks for correcting the post. If any cute, horny, nerdy guys come in, I will direct them to your blog if you like. ;)