I Finally Saw That Blue Alien Treehugger Movie

I generally go to the movies no more than three times a year because, well, that $30 that you charge me to watch Saw XVIII, get a bag of synthetic butter and a thimble of corn syrup could be better spent getting faced with a box of Franzia while lighting the change on fire.  But tonight I stumbled upon some Humboldt trim kid scalping what I can only assume were counterfeit tickets to Avatar outside of the Metreon and that’s some general stupidity I can get behind.  Anyways, since $1.8 billion dollars worth of people have already seen this titanic acid-trip, I’ll spare you any more words on this and present to you a Mission pooch rocking a hot pair of Cameron stunners:

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there are so many reasons why this post is fucking hilarious, to list the reasons would risk leaving one out.

I wrote this at 2am cut me some HELLA SLACK

Good job on giving the theatres another reason to raise movie ticket prices by stealing the glasses for your hipster dog.

awww Diego. such a cutie.