San Francisco Municipal Derailway

Muni is the one local institution that all San Francicans love to hate. Frankly that hate is rarely justified; most of the time Muni gets you where you're going in one piece for a mere two bucks. But every now and then, things do go very, very wrong on Muni. Hour-long delays, collisions, drivers asleep at the wheel, unruly passengers… I could go on and on. Believe me.

YouTuber PaperModelPlane sums up some of the many ways Muni has failed recently. His video is backed by a fun-yet-quirky Werner Tautz soundtrack that adds a touch of Johnny Depp-style zaniness to Muni's worst moments. (I kept expecting a Bob Saget voiceover.)

The video provides some cathartic humor to some frustrating memories. Remember the time those two Muni Metro cars collided at West Portal? Or when that bus chopped down out a fire hydrant? Or any of the recent times Muni derailed a train? There's no question these types of accidents have been too frequent.

But is the video unfair, or is this all par for the course? As one YouTube commenter succinctly put it, “Anything looks bad when you compile all the horrible mistakes it makes on a daily basis.”